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Rothschild & Sons

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About the show

A one-act, intimate re-imagining of the musical 'The Rothschilds' that focuses on the relationships between the patriarch of the family, Mayer Rothschild, his wife Gutele, and their five sons. More…

A "musical love story between a father and his sons," 'Rothschild & Sons' is based on the Tony-nominated 'The Rothschilds,' which opened on Broadway in 1970, inspired by the novel of the same name by Frederic Morton abut the foundation of the dynasty of German-Jewish financiers. A story of a family fighting for human rights and triumphing over extraordinary odds. The new work focuses on the Rothschilds' experiences living as Jews in a German ghetto.

Lighting & Sound America

"I can understand how Harnick and Yellen (Bock is no longer with us) would want to find a viable version of 'The Rothschilds' for future productions. But I would respectfully submit that, if, after seven years, this is the result, then it may be time to move on. The best way of enjoying this material still involves listening to the original cast album, where the score's many beauties are presented in all their glory." Full Review

The Huffington Post

"The York Theatre Company has rolled up their sleeves and -- with great care and determination -- made a 'new' musical out of 'The Rothschilds.' This severely cut-down version brings what had been an overstuffed and overloaded opus back to the stage, and allows the material to shine brightly in places. It should prove highly popular. It does not, though, solve the show's myriad problems." Full Review

Show Showdown

"Does it work? No. And yes....The core of the show remains solid. The rise of the Rothschilds remains amazing; the score remains excellent. Very few changes could well solve most of the problems. Unfortunately, the current production at the York Theatre is poorly directed by Jeffrey B. Moss with awkward pacing, a lack of focus, and acceptance of some truly awful overacting." Full Review


"With a restructured book, several previously unheard Bock and Harnick trunk songs, and only 11 cast members, this almost-new musical is a puzzlement to say the least...Mayer's journey is a moving one, and in Cuccioli's expert hands, it's laden with real emotion. His performance is one of the few highlights of this otherwise misguided production, with a staging that baffles at every turn." Full Review

Jewish Daily Forward

"It features some lovely songs and a single-minded, inelegant script that moves with all the subtlety of a load of gold bullion. It is ploddingly, sloppily directed by Jeffrey B. Moss, with performances in a range of accents and scenes in a range of tones. On the evidence, it would make for an excellent Hebrew school history pageant." Full Review

Manhattan Digest

"'Rothschild and Sons' feels forced and as well intended as it is, it doesn’t ever seem to get off the ground. Some projects are worthy of revival but this piece will only appeal to true musical enthusiasts seeking a glimpse of theatre history." Full Review

New York Theatre Guide

"'Rothschild & Sons' is so much on a mission as to be tedious...A tale told rather baldly and repetitively, and so tediously...When a show isn’t working, it can only seem long. At 1 hour and 50 minutes with no intermission this one fit that bill." Full Review

Dated, Disappointing, Not that interesting

See it if You are curious to see this musical by the team behind Fiddler on the Roof for your historical/theatrical education.

Don't see it if If you are not interested in it for the reasons above.


See it if Just don't go. Bad community theatre of a musical that I loved in the 70's.

Don't see it if Just don't go!

Boring, Dated, Disappointing, Excruciating, Slow

See it if you love theatrical productions at the community theatre level. Also, if you love Jim Morgan's inane pre-show speech.

Don't see it if you do not enjoy a glacially paced musical.

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