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Rothschild & Sons

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About the show

A one-act, intimate re-imagining of the musical 'The Rothschilds' that focuses on the relationships between the patriarch of the family, Mayer Rothschild, his wife Gutele, and their five sons. More…

A "musical love story between a father and his sons," 'Rothschild & Sons' is based on the Tony-nominated 'The Rothschilds,' which opened on Broadway in 1970, inspired by the novel of the same name by Frederic Morton abut the foundation of the dynasty of German-Jewish financiers. A story of a family fighting for human rights and triumphing over extraordinary odds. The new work focuses on the Rothschilds' experiences living as Jews in a German ghetto.

Woman Around Town

"An astonishing story… As a one act, it’s a bit long…Director Jeffrey B. Moss moves his characters like a painter, creating scenarios that reflect character, incident, and emotion…Robert Cuccioli is simply wonderful as Mayer...'Rothschild & Sons' is vigorous, illuminating, fascinating, and moving. It’s clear the musical was and is a labor of love. Rarely does one see hearts so blatantly worn on creative sleeves." Full Review

Musical Theater Review

"An impressive production, which seemingly builds on the strengths of the original without, however, overcoming its weak points and the perhaps unavoidable problems of attempting an epic story on an Off-Broadway budget...Where the show falls down is in the music. Even with the occasional use of infectious ethnic rhythms and the unfailingly strong singing by the company, it often seems flat and uninspired." Full Review

Center on the Aisle

"The cast and crew created the world of the show with great historic knowledge and attention focused on the important details of every costume, set, prop, and in how it was all lit. A show well worth seeing for the talent in the production, as well as for the history lesson to be learned on the Rothschild family. A very strong and impressive cast all-around, and an equally talented creative team." Full Review

Forbes on Film & Footlights

"At nearly two hours, the show could frankly benefit from a break, but in its present form, under the direction of Jeffrey B. Moss, it’s never less than absorbing...For all the care that has been lavished on this resurrection, it can’t be said the story is an intrinsically engaging as 'Fiddler,' nor are the songs anywhere near as memorable. Still, Bock and Harnick were an outstanding team, and this is quality material." Full Review

Times Square Chronicles

"The contents will enlighten, give pride and unsettle the Jewish people who watch this. It is a must for those who do not know this history...This show is moving and heartwarming...Go to the York Theatre, you will not be disappointed." Full Review


"'Rothschild & Sons' does indeed offer a refreshing new look at this show's best features: its many sparkling period flavored songs with their narrative pushing lyrics, and the smart compression of that narrative…The shift in emphasis as well as the scaled-down staging work well with a tightly focused intermissionless format….Robert Cuccioli brings his operatic voice and plenty of emotional heat to the role of the pater familias." Full Review

Wolf Entertainment Guide

"The adaptation makes sense with honing the show into the new approach, and the musical acquires more dramatic focus and eliminates some of the less potent threads...Robert Cuccioli is vibrant and impressive as Meyer Rothschild, head of the family. Leading a strong cast interpreting the revamped musical, Cuccioli brings acting and singing power to the role. The total effect is to make one appreciate anew the special quality of the work." Full Review


"The show is a powerful study of anti-Semitism in Europe at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century and the desire of the Rothschild family to break down both the walls of poverty and those of prejudice. While the new adaptation performed in one act is both engrossing and admirable, it may not be the definitive final version as it is devoid of humor, a necessary ingredient to make a musical popular." Full Review

The New York Times

"You cannot fault the York Theater Company’s rich new production, a one-act reimagining that looks absolutely royal in the intimate Theater at St. Peter’s: Splendid 18th-century men’s costumes, low-key yet opulent scenic design, assertively nuanced lighting...Jeffrey B. Moss’s direction does find the humor wherever it lurks...Most of the songs are only pretty. Maybe it’s too much to expect another 'Sunrise, Sunset' or 'If I Were a Rich Man,' but what’s a musical for?" Full Review

NY Theatre Guide

"I like the sharpened focus of 'Rothschild & Sons,' but I miss 'The Rothschilds' physical elaborateness, and several of the songs. It’s a trade-off—the story’s tighter, but there’s less to look at, and less to listen to. JAY Records will be releasing a cast album, and for the additional Bock-Harnick, I’ll certainly want it. But the original Broadway cast album will probably still get more play." Full Review

Theater Life

"An intimate one-act reimagining of the nine-time Tony-nominated musical 'The Rothschilds...' The new version of the musical, fiercely directed by Jeffrey B Moss, follows the Rothschilds' fight for human rights as they struggle against immensely challenging circumstances." Full Review

Entertaining, Original, Riveting

See it if Wonderful story and muaic

Don't see it if The above

Absorbing, Entertaining, Refreshing, Epic, Original

See it if you'd like to learn more about Jewish history beyond WWII and Fiddler on the Roof.

Don't see it if you only like sexy shows.

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