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Members say: Great writing, Great acting, Absorbing, Talky, Slow

About the show

What first appears to be a standard cat-and-mouse game of wit and wiles soon becomes a dance to the death. Who is the cat and who is the mouse? And who will make it out of Switzerland alive? More…

It’s 1995 in the Swiss Alps, and the reclusive crime writer Patricia Highsmith is visited by a genial young man, sent by her New York publisher to convince her to write the final installment of her best-selling Mr. Ripley series.

New York Stage Review

"Saying much more about what transpires during the tense, intermission-less 90 minutes would be transgressing on Murray-Smith’s fun, fun heightened by Gmoser’s lighting and absolutely maximized by Dan Foster’s on-the-money direction...Whether attendees for whom Highsmith is an as-yet-unacquired taste, the glorious dark humor of Switzerland may be somewhat obscure. But darkly humorous the Hudson Stage Company import is, and, as such, is a great time-killer." Full Review


for a previous production "Placing Highsmith the actual person as a fictional character in a drama that closely resembles one of her own taunt thrillers is a move of sheer brilliance...Peggy J. Scott is utterly captivating as Highsmith, delivering a highly nuanced take...But there is something just a little bit cliched about the character...Director Dan Foster deftly weaves the tantalizing plot through its' many twists and turns with just the right pace, effectively gaining steam as the play progresses." Full Review

On Stage Blog

for a previous production "In every respect—not least the terrific performances by Peggy Scott and Daniel Petzold—HSC’s production is high-caliber. It’s safe to deduce Highsmith would approve, especially insofar as it succeeds in putting the audience on edge...Unfortunately, the structural design of 'Switzerland' lacks a degree of precision and so the impact of what transpires is muted." Full Review

Absorbing, Great acting, Quirky, Great writing, Nice set

See it if One of the most intriguing, literary plays I've ever seen. Really made you think about the process of writing. Both actors were excellent!

Don't see it if you don't know anything about Patricia Highsmith or her book The Talented Mr. Ripley. If you don't and you plan to go, read up on it.

Also I'm really enjoying the plays at 59E59 this year. Well-written and sur... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Great acting, Intelligent, Great writing, Entertaining

See it if Very well done. Dry humor. Absorbing and interesting twist. Good job.

Don't see it if If looking for pure entertainment, not for you. A drama, mystery and a touch of humor.

Great acting, Must see, Great writing, It isn’t what you know that can scare you.

See it if What seems to be a straight-forward plot is anything but. Elegant script and outstanding performances make this a show not to be missed.

Don't see it if You’ve never heard of Patricia Highsmith or Tom Ripley. It helps if you have but won’t hurt if you haven’t.

Also A woman sits at a typewritter in a beautiful home in Switzerland. She ... Read more Read less

During previews
Slow, Talky, Writerly, For mystery lovers, Stilted staging

See it if You love Highsmith/Ripley; it helps to be at least familiar with the writer and character.

Don't see it if A writer writing about writers talking about writing will bore you.

Also This one didn’t get good until the last 15 minutes. Ah, if only there ... Read more Read less

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