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Terms of Endearment

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Members say: Entertaining, Great acting, Disappointing, Slow, Absorbing

About the show

Molly Ringwald stars in a stage adaptation of the Oscar-winning movie. 59E59's production is the US debut of this play based on both Larry McMurtry's novel and James L. Brooks' screenplay. More…

'Terms of Endearment' traces the complicated relationship between a challenging mother, Aurora Greenway (Ringwald), and her equally stubborn daughter, Emma. A funny and heartbreaking story about love in the face of life's challenges, both large and small, this show examines the delicate and sometimes fractured bonds between mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, and lovers, both new and old.

Member Reviews (86)


Entertaining, Great acting, Disappointing, Slow, Absorbing

Disappointing, Excruciating, Slow, Cliched, Banal

See it if To see Molly Ringwald do her best at recreating a role made famous by Shirley MacLaine. You go with the expectation of setting the bar low.

Don't see it if You are better off saving the money and renting the film. I only lasted till intermission and decided that I'd had enough. It was so stale.

Superficial, Disappointing, Slow, Cliched, Dated

See it if soap operas are your thing.

Don't see it if believable characters matter.

Also A balance is missing between a serious approach and almost comic satir... Read more Read less

During previews
Banal, Disappointing, Insipid

See it if Completely in love with the movie but don't have the means to watch the film again.

Don't see it if You enjoy a good story or acting. There is not reason why this needs to be a play - there was nothing theatrical about it at all.

During previews
Banal, Disappointing, Excruciating, Slow

See it if DO NOT SEE THIS FOR ANY REASON. The acting, the direction, the set, the writing ALL FAIL MISERABLY. One of the worst things I've ever seen

Don't see it if You love the movie. This play fails epically and never seems to actually do anything other than remind how good the movie really is

November 17th, 2016
"The stage version, directed by Michael Parva, is largely pedestrian. Whereas the movie jerked tears and evoked laughs, too, the stage adaptation more often evokes yawns...Ms. Ringwald, in long red curls, gives a satisfactory if perhaps insufficiently feisty performance as the self-involved Auror...
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November 16th, 2016
"Aurora is an irresistible conundrum: by turns haughty, caustic, tender and raw. The role, firmly embedded in popular memory by Shirley MacLaine’s film turn, is an actor’s dream…except that yet another iteration, even a live one, raises the question: Why try to improve on perfection? Molly Ringwa...
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November 16th, 2016
"Other than to capitalize on the famous title, this cynical exercise has little reason for being…The play dutifully recreates the key dramatic and comic moments of the movie beat for beat, making it feel somewhat like a theatrical CliffsNotes…Without any kind of fresh perspective or reinterpretat...
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November 16th, 2016
"The script is a disaster twice removed from the novel...Perfunctorily staged by Michael Parva on a barebones set by David L. Arsenault, the show’s emotional landscape is as flat as east Texas. That leaves the stars adrift, struggling to make a meal of slim pickings…The show’s sole spark of life ...
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