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The Big Bang Theory: A Pop-Rock Musical Parody

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About the show

This new pop-rock musical spoofs the beloved CBS Series and its eccentric and funny group of scientists.


This charming and nerdy group of scientists have spent 12 years finding love and experimenting with space-age theory until their lives are turned upside down by their favorite Star Trek character come to life! A comic romp through past, present, and future, this musical spoofs the gang at their best, their worst, their most musical, and at their absolute wildest. BASINGA!

“The Big Bang Theory: A Pop-Rock Musical Parody” hasn't been reviewed by any Critics (yet!)

During previews
Dizzying, Disappointing

See it if Shout out 2 the AV guys/musicians. Sloppy disaster by the director. 4 the love of God, the cast didn't even know how to do the Vulcan Salute

Don't see it if "Amy" horrible cast. "Raj" horrible cast. Schrill, screechy (beyond "Bernadette" who was Gr8) many ppl left at intermission. So disappointed

Also Oh, I wanted to love this!... Read more Read less

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