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The Clearing

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Theater 808 revives Helen Edmundson's family drama set in 17th-century Ireland, during Oliver Cromwell's ruthless campaign to force out Catholics. More…

Robert, an English aristocrat, and his free-spirited Irish wife, Maddy, find their loving relationship threatened by Ireland's dangerous political climate. Should Robert ensure his own economic prosperity by betraying his wife and child, or should he risk banishment to an inhospitable land to keep his family intact? 'The Clearing' examines our universal desire for acceptance amid prejudice and fear in a tale of treachery, romance, and passion.

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"It is only as we view the play that we begin to understand the meaning behind these clues. We are meant to apply metaphoric thinking to make the shock of those historical events relevant to our times...This is a laudable endeavor to make this dark period of Ireland relevant to a 21st century audience. By modernizing the look of the play, attempting to tie it to contemporary issues such as ethnic cleansing or the Holocaust, it creates an emotional distance, becomes more intellectual." Full Review

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"The flat first act partially stems from the playwright’s long exposition and artificial, meant-to-be 17th-century language. But the stilted direction of Kareman contributes to the fact that you don’t much care about the characters until the second act...The principal cast reminded me of Jon Lovitz as the thespian on 'SNL'...Playwright Helen Edmundson makes a valiant attempt at encapsulating the events, oral history handed down generation to generation by her own family." Full Review

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