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The Dingdong

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The Pearl Theatre Company presents the world premiere of a comedy celebrating romance, lust, and the magic of the theatre. More…

Vatelin is a faithful husband—mostly. Lucy is a faithful wife—kind of. And their 'fidelity' is about to be put to the test when a series of suitors and femme fatales invade their little world. Following the misadventures of one madcap night in a Paris hotel, this farce takes place in a world where opening the wrong door in the dark of night can lead to mayhem, laughter, and, maybe, a few truths about how to have a happy marriage. Playwright Mark Shanahan was inspired by Georges Feydeau's classic 'Le Dindon.'

Time Out New York

"The farce spectrum can veer from crude to exquisite. Mark Shanahan tends to favor the lower depths: lots of puerile wink-wink wordplay and pratfalls both sexual and scatological...In casting ill-matched repertory members d’un certain age, director Hal Brooks blunts the spirit of the original...The stage sizzles to life every time Curran turns up...She embodies what we bourgeois theatergoers rather hope to see when attending a French farce." Full Review

Banal, Flimsy set, Silly, Farcical, Fluffy

See it if you enjoy farces - including door slamming and sexual innuendos. People were laughing, just not me

Don't see it if you hate farces. If flimsy set design bothers you (ie seeing the walls shake, scuff marks remnants of hinges of past shows)

Great acting, Excruciating, Raunchy, So "over-the-top" ridiculous, Disappointing

See it if You enjoy silly slap-stick type comedy. Marital infidelity with partners who just happen to be ...... Far too convenient. Not funny.

Don't see it if You enjoy real comedy, not this contrived trash. Reminded me of a PG 16 performance of the 3 stooges.

Banal, Fluffy, Insipid, Disappointing, Unfunny

See it if you can sit through a terrible translation, awkward direction & uneven acting to see a breakthrough performance by Kelly Curran.

Don't see it if you understand that farce is more than just dropping pants and slamming doors & you want to be served a little cleverness w/your silliness.

Banal, Cliched, Slow, Not funny

See it if You find cheap sexual innuendos funny, you laugh when people pass gas, think marital infidelity is an endless source of jokes.

Don't see it if You love good farce, (This is not it) You enjoy good comedy, (This is not it) You like intelligent humor, (This is not it)

Cliched, Dated, Disappointing, Insipid, Excruciating

See it if You enjoy hammy, way over the top, eye rolling, stammering, the worst sit-comish acting slammed over a tired, dated script.

Don't see it if If you're looking for laughs and good clever farce ala Noises Off.

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