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The Iron Heel

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About the show

Untitled Theater Company #61 presents a new stage adaptation of Jack London's 1908 dystopian novel of the same name. More…

Written as political propaganda, 'The Iron Heel' tells the story of an election between a socialist revolutionary and an entrenched oligarch. The oligarch prevails, turning America fascist, and inspiring the Marxist revolution. Though it's set in the early- to mid-20th century, its themes nonetheless have obvious relevance during our current election season. This is a deliberately low-tech production, a gathering that can travel to multiple venues, public and private. Reflecting socialist philosophy, all performances are either free or pay what you can. Most performances take place at Brooklyn's South Oxford Space, however, check the show's official website for a complete list of venues.

1h 45m | Already closed | South Oxford Space (Brooklyn)

July 31st, 2016
“'The Iron Heel' is burdened by dense, interminable political arguments. But that did not deter Einhorn, who adapted that leaden tome into a flawed but refreshingly unironic play...Despite its dry-looking subject, the show has an endearingly loose do-it-yourself feel...It often gets bogged down i...
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August 10th, 2016
"Thoughtful and approachable...Tends to lose itself in dense political rhetoric...'The Iron Heel,' though imperfect, provides a solid introduction to Jack London and his work in a time wrought with doubts about the current economic and political landscape across the globe. Einhorn’s adaptation is...
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August 10th, 2016
"The adept theatrical version reflects the spirit of socialism–the show is free or 'pay what you can'...The show winds up an intellectually stimulating oddity rather than an emotionally stirring manifesto...As with past work, Einhorn proves again a master (but a benevolent one) in turning intelle...
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August 11th, 2016
“This well-acted, cleverly executed production is a mind-bending tour de force of ideas, as only Einhorn can deliver, with darkly twisting humor and swaths of realism thrown in to perplex...It is a must-see if you enjoy flirting with a confluence of ideas humorously cast in an absurdist framework...
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