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The Niceties

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Members say: Relevant, Thought-provoking, Great acting, Intelligent, Absorbing

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In Manhattan Theatre Club's new drama, at an elite East Coast university, a polite conversation between a professor and a student becomes a powder keg of race, history, and power. More…

An ambitious young black student and her esteemed white professor meet to discuss a paper the college junior is writing about the American Revolution. They’re both liberal. They’re both women. They’re both brilliant. But very quickly, discussions of grammar and Google turn to race and reputation, and before they know it, they’re in dangerous territory neither of them had foreseen – and facing stunning implications that can’t be undone.

Member Reviews (51)


Relevant, Thought-provoking, Great acting, Intelligent, Absorbing

Cliched, Great acting, Thought-provoking, Excruciating

See it if You want to get challenged about your political and historical beliefs. The acting is incredible.

Don't see it if You get uncomfortable with screaming back and forth for the majority

Also The show was unsettling in my opinion, while I know others did genuine... Read more Read less

During previews
Badly told cliche story.

See it if You’ll see anything new about racial issues.

Don't see it if You want a good coherent play.

October 25th, 2018
“A bristling, provocative debate play about race and privilege in the US, and it begs to be argued with — partly because Burgess has manipulated the contest in ways that feel unnecessary. But it is also a drama about the destructiveness of internecine fighting...It’s odd that Janine, with all of ...
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October 25th, 2018
"The arguments Burgess presents—about free speech versus cultural sensitivity, and the difference between endorsing and enacting progressive ideals—are nuanced and timely...Despite the performers' excellent efforts, however, the combatants seem more like political positions than people; the plot ...
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October 28th, 2018
"In Burgess' thought-provoking 'The Niceties'...while one side appears to emerge victorious in the court of public opinion, neither is unscathed...Both actors give persuasive performances, with Boatman's Zoe seeming intimidated at first, but switching firmly into activist leadership mode...Though...
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October 25th, 2018
"The play of ideas starts careening out of control. The discussion turns into shouting, and Boatman talks faster and faster, divulging well-worded opinions she can't possibly have come up with on the spur of the moment...Janine, meanwhile, in Banes's calm, well-calibrated performance, is a voice ...
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