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This Time

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About the show

Rising Circle Theatre Collective presents a new play inspired by Amal Meguid's memoir, 'Not So Long Ago,' about a Muslim woman who fought for her independence in '60s Egypt. More…

In the sultry heat of 1960s Cairo, a clandestine love affair blooms between a married Egyptian woman and a Canadian professor ten years her junior. In a wintry Toronto house in the 1990s, an aging mother’s memories encroach on her recently divorced daughter’s attempts to restart her life. The past closes in, threatening to overwhelm the present. But what is real and what is illusion? 'This Time' is a lush new play about regret, romance, and familial responsibility.

May 11th, 2016
"A skillfully constructed, beautifully acted play about one woman’s quest for liberation...Handled poorly, this time-jumping technique can lead to muddy storytelling, but Mr. Greene proves adept at the balancing act, showing a subtle touch that lets the audience fill in the details...The director...
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May 12th, 2016
"It is also exciting to see an off Broadway play that not only champions stories by and featuring artists of color, but also a play that centers on strong female characters...Though the themes of the play get a bit muddled, Greene and Fahmy are most successful in crafting a sad, nostalgic love le...
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May 12th, 2016
“Performed with skill and dedication by an ensemble of five...Delphi Harrignton, as Amal, dominates the stage with a commanding presence that makes the audience want to believe her delusions of grandeur...The play’s sweep is staggering. The thematic material is rich...‘This Time’ is an impressive...
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May 10th, 2016
"Ms. Heywood brings an air of effortless class and sophistication to the part…Similarly Ms. Harrington takes over the stage as if the world belonged to Amal. She gives a delicious diva performance...'This Time' announces the arrival of Greene as a wonderful writer of complex, sexually aware femal...
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