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Tink! (NYMF)

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About the show

Part of the New York Musical Festival: This new tuner is about a famous little fairy with a big story of her own. More…

In a time before time was important, there was an island full of music and magic, where pirates, natives, fairies, and other mysterious folk lived, loved, and fought together until one young fairy and one young pirate crossed paths. When first mate James of the Jolly Roger meets the yearning, idealistic young fairy Tinkerbell, their star-crossed romance brings together the entire population of Neverland, from the mischievous Dream Weaver fairies to the mighty Natives, and even a colony of scavenging boys whose leader fell from the sky.

August 1st, 2016
“Nominally, the show is a prequel about the mischievous fairy Tinker Bell, but she is overshadowed by the dashing James, a pirate with an uncanny ability to prance around in tight pants...The show targets a young audience, but often comes across like an involuntary satire of contemporary entitled...
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July 28th, 2016
“Not only a delightfully imagined tale about Peter Pan's twinkling friend Tinkerbell, it's also one of the most musically satisfying works at the festival this year. Hopefully it's also one that finds its way to a commercial venue...Under Rachel Klein's direction, the actors show off their dancin...
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July 27th, 2016
"Melodic and energetic numbers flood the song stack…They're the aural embodiment of in-the-moment fun…But the line between 'magical' and 'workmanlike' is unsettlingly thin here, and the show ends up playing like a cynical, even desperate, ploy for attention…Noble plays Tink to the hilt, with a br...
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July 29th, 2016
"The book strips this lovable character of any charm or enchantment…The attempt to parallel socio-economic issues of modern day is heavy-handed…The broad direction of Ms. Klein manages to serve the material but creates arrogant caricatures in lieu of impressionable fictional characters. The cast ...
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