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Antigone (Classical Theatre of Harlem)

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About the show

The Classical Theatre of Harlem presents this free, outdoor staging of the classical drama from Sophocles, reset in a dystopian future.  More…

The struggle for power, glory, and the claim to the city of Thebes has shattered the bonds of brotherhood, leaving two men lifeless. The new king proclaims one brother a hero and the other a usurper, leaving his limp body lying in the street as an example to those who dare act against the state. But when the sister of the slain young brothers protests the edict, she breaks faith with everything she has ever known in order to set things right at any cost. 

July 9th, 2018
"A brisk and very handsome staging...Directed with admirable clarity by Carl Cofield...Devoted to atmospherics, this production prioritizes complexly layered design over dramatic cohesion. Some of the play’s meaning is lost with what this slender, hourlong show leaves out...Yet even with these sh...
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July 12th, 2018
"For all its seriousness of intent, this 'Antigone' is not some grim, eat-your-spinach night at the classics. It is free, an hour long and a summer-evening delight...Director Carl Cofield knows that Sophocles’ intensity will land strangely on our ears, so he sometimes redirects it into humor... J...
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July 17th, 2018
“A vividly contemporary twist on a Sophoclean tragedy...This production sometimes seems eerily in sync with our strange times...This is an 'Antigone' more rooted in melodrama than tragedy, focusing less on the price she pays with her life and more on the fireworks that occur when the status quo ...
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July 12th, 2018
"While linking 'Antigone' to movements such as Black Lives Matter might seem slightly tenuous, those echoes of current controversies about police brutality turn the play into a passionate cry for justice...Less successful are a series of Afropunk-style dance interludes that replace the traditiona...
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