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Members say: Great acting, Edgy, Ambitious, Profound, Confusing

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St. Ann's Warehouse presents the US premiere of Enda Walsh's ('Once') enigmatic, two-person drama about two men whose lives unravel quickly over the course of 90 minutes. More…

Where are these men? Who are they? What room is this, and what might be beyond the walls? Equal parts comic and achingly poignant, 'Ballyturk' scratches beneath the surface of rural Ireland and Walsh’s worlds of 'Misterman' and 'The Walworth Farce.'

1h 30m | Already closed | St Ann's Warehouse (Brooklyn)

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Great acting, Edgy, Ambitious, Profound, Confusing


See it if frenetic is your thing.

Don't see it if you don't like loud '80s music.

Entertaining, Great acting, Relevant, Edgy, Confusing

See it if you enjoy avant garde theater, where everything is unclear but somehow resonates with you. I don't quite know how to describe this show.

Don't see it if you want a straight forward play with plot and structure, dislike loud music and silliness, nothing is what it seems.

Also A very odd play. Not my favorite genre, but done well for what it is. ... Read more Read less

Confusing, Great staging, Quirky, Thought-provoking, Ambitious

See it if you're a fan of the Beckett-style

Don't see it if you need concrete plot and concept.

Great acting, Great writing, Thought-provoking, Confusing, Annoying

See it if you're willing to enjoy the sharp dialogue and outstanding acting, and ignore the massive plot derailment after the third character appears

Don't see it if you expect plots to make sense, have a lesson or moral, go anywhere... I really enjoyed Walsh's Arlington and was quite disappointed here

Ambitious, Confusing, Indulgent, Slow

See it if You enjoy Walsh and understand his oeuvre.

Don't see it if You expect to understand what you are watching.

Also Set was quite creative and I was amused by some of the jokes and the m... Read more Read less

Disappointing, Great acting, Excruciating, Great staging

See it if you like plays with existential themes, crazy high jinx that seem to have no purpose and no cogent plotline other than a death ending.

Don't see it if you want something with a meaty plot, characters who have dimension and a satisfying ending.

Odd, Confusing, Great acting, Dizzying, Thought-provoking

See it if you like off-the-wall theatre that is very active and makes you really pay attention to try and figure out what's happening.

Don't see it if you don't like Twilight Zone-esque plots. It got a little weird and confusing for sure.

January 14th, 2018
"The dark and enigmatic cosmic farce...'Ballyturk' is so verbally dense that it’s possible to be hypnotized, if not numbed, by some of its lush spoken arias. Even at 90 minutes, it would be better shorter...As a director, Walsh knows how to weave a web of images that defy language. And he infuses...
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January 14th, 2018
"Walsh crams big themes into small spaces...After immersing us in this busily static space—Beckett on uppers—Walsh pulls it down with the dramatic arrival of 3 (the magnetic Fouéré)...What this deliberately mysterious play 'means' is left to the audience to imagine. To me, it feels like a theatri...
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January 15th, 2018
“Thrilling...A wild, devastating cry from a playwright who’s both celebrating the small miracle of humankind’s creative impulse and interrogating its ultimate usefulness...A play full of stunning monologues...Walsh turns theatrical examinations of stuckness into exegeses on the art of playmaking....
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January 15th, 2018
"There are flashes when it’s funny and sad. But mostly it’s a mystery...What’s it all about? That’s never fully explained but intentionally left up in the air. But here’s the thing about a head-scratcher: It can also stimulate your brain. 'Ballyturk' does."
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