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Before We're Gone

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Members say: Great acting, Absorbing, Romantic, Thought-provoking, Entertaining

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In this new drama, a Pulitzer-winning playwright, screenwriter and outspoken political activist has disappeared from her high-profile life in New York and Hollywood to hide under an assumed name. More…

While staying at a secluded seaside motel in Santa Barbara, California. she is surprised by an unexpected visit from a man with whom she had a brief relationship 25 years earlier, when she was 36 and at the height of her Broadway fame. He was naïve, 20, and studying to be a Catholic priest. They met during the 1950’s in Reno's famous art-deco Mapes Hotel, where she was staying for her six-weeks divorce, and he was working in the hotel while on sabbatical from the Franciscan Order, struggling to resolve doubts about the priesthood and himself. Over the last 25 years, they have not seen each other nor spoken. 

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Great acting, Absorbing, Romantic, Thought-provoking, Entertaining

Ambitious, Great acting, Intelligent, Resonant, Riveting

See it if Great acting by ms. Rideout. Great show, great acting and great story. Some good humor. All around well written play.

Don't see it if A sad story about someone dying. A serious drama.

Absorbing, Great acting, Great staging, Resonant, Thought-provoking

See it if Some stellar acting .Partner's 95 %.My 90%. Fascinating look at stardom, the church and thoughts re: life. Much is done with little.

Don't see it if you must see elaborate spectacles. One oddity.... scenes are in two motel rooms but the walls are bare??

Entertaining, Great acting, Romantic, Absorbing

See it if You want to see great acting, very good story.

Don't see it if Deals with a few topic, religion, dieing, heartache.

Also Theater is small and have very nice people who work there. The time we... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Great acting, Great writing, Thought-provoking, Intelligent

See it if You like unfulfilled love stories that face moral dilemmas, morality, religion, blacklisting, man & woman from 2 different worlds.

Don't see it if You are sensitive to religious conflicts regarding adultery, celibacy,society’s expectations. Herbal smoking, alcohol consumption.

Also This is like a soap opera with drama and comedy. It begins in the 1950... Read more Read less

Enchanting, Entertaining, Great acting, Intelligent

See it if you want an story that nicely moves from current time to memory scenes. Nice love story.

Don't see it if you can't stand "smoke". Lots of herbal cigarette smoking throughout the show and gets annoying in the small theatre.

Absorbing, Great acting, Refreshing, Romantic

See it if you're interested in a thought-provoking depiction of lost love. Much discussion of religious values. Quite enjoyable, but a bit overlong.

Don't see it if you're uncomfortable with talk of dying, sex, religion.

Great writing / intelligent book, Thought-provoking, Very well-staged, Resonant / absorbing / moving, Some strong performances

See it if you'd enjoy a 2hr well-written & well-performed drama, depicted in real-time (1981) & in "medicated" flashbacks, w/various minor characters.

Don't see it if you prefer clear & concise linear plays. If your mind wanders, &/or you're uncomfortable w/actors playing various roles, it ain't your show.

Also Honored to meet playwright Jerry Small that nite.... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Great acting, Intense, Must see, Thought-provoking

See it if you like great acting, that might even bring tears to your eyes.

Don't see it if Do you want a light fluffy show.

Absorbing, Enchanting, Entertaining, Great acting, Great writing

See it if you want to see a brilliant, sad, romantic story, about a famous Hollywood playwright and a young hopeful writer set in 2 time periods.

Don't see it if you wouldn't enjoy a show about an adulteress Hollywood personality w/terminal cancer, some explicit profanity, or anti-religious dicussion

Also Great story, well-acted show. Keeps you rooting for a happy ending

Absorbing, Clever, Intense, Romantic, Resonant

See it if You like a small expertly trained cast weave through an intriguing, fast-paced drama set in two times and placed 25 years apart. Great play.

Don't see it if You find end-of-life stories too depressing to handle, don't like straight plays or can't stand fine acting in a tiny historic theater.

Absorbing, Great acting, Great staging

See it if Want good writing and good acting.

Don't see it if You don't like melodrama

Absorbing, Exquisite, Great acting, Must see, Relevant

See it if You like to see a great performance,story about a terminally ill cancer patient from Hollywood and her encounter with an aspiring playwright

Don't see it if You dont like to be in a small theater, to see an old romantic story, hear about religion, celibacy, cancer patient, ethanusia, priesthood

Also What a stellar performance, 2 hours (with 15 min intermission) gone in... Read more Read less

Plot depends on a lot on coincidence, Melodrama, Slow, Uneven, Sad story

See it if you like dramas where mismatched characters yearn for each other but cannot overcome the hurdle that keeps them apart

Don't see it if you don't like plots that rely on a lot of "coincidence"; you like a big splashy production; you'd rather go to a musical vs a quiet drama

Also Act I was more effective than Act 2, filled with tension, conflict, sa... Read more Read less

Great acting, Intelligent, Relevant, Romantic, Thought-provoking

See it if you are interested on themes of death and and assisted suicide. And a love story across many years.

Don't see it if you are triggered by themes of assisted suicide and a lot of cigarette smoke.

Great acting, Absorbing, Romantic, Resonant, Entertaining

See it if You like a romantic film noir type of play with good acting and writing.

Don't see it if You don’t like romantic themes with a lot of conversation.

Thought-provoking, Raunchy, Great acting, Entertaining, Romantic

See it if a tale about a conflicted young man and an older woman meeting 25 years after their initial meeting intrigues you

Don't see it if you don't like soap operas or you are not sympathetic to euthanasia

Relevant, Thought-provoking

See it if Into Nostalgic love story with great performance by Leenya Rideout. First act a bit long but the second makes up for it

Don't see it if You do not like soapy love stories

Absorbing, Great acting

See it if Keeps you engaged with great acting and you keep wanting to know what happens next.

Don't see it if I completely bought into the first act, but you really had to suspend disbelief for the second act.

Great writing, Relevant, Delightful, Clever, Entertaining

See it if You like romantic modern plays

Don't see it if You like deep plays

Absorbing, Touching, Intelligent, Great acting, Satisfying

See it if you enjoy a novel take on a loving relationship between two very different people, with a plot full of surprises.

Don't see it if you do not enjoy character-driven plays about the complexity of human relationships.

Entertaining, Romantic, Cliched

See it if You want to be entertained by good acting but do not expect a great production

Don't see it if you only enjoy really professional productions.

Also Lead actress and actor were quite good in their roles.terrific, Story,... Read more Read less

Great acting, Great staging, Intelligent, Relevant

See it if Very well acted story of life and death. Nice stage design. Story never drags. Cozy small theater. Realistic.

Don't see it if You don't agree one should have their final wishes carried out, regardless of your mindset. You're not up for a 2 hour drama.

Also Interesting side note about 13th Street Theater. Their concession stan... Read more Read less

Ambitious, Well acted, Romantic, Cliched, Melodrama

See it if you love the excellent Leenya Rideout & John Zdrojeski in a beautiful production of quirky, macabre love story. Script is a bit melodramatic

Don't see it if you're not comfortable w themes of death, suicide & questioning Catholic faith. High marks for beautiful, well-directed production

Profound, Great acting, Absorbing

See it if You enjoy a dark, well acted show with a love story theme in an intimate setting.

Don't see it if You don't enjoy small theater shows or are sensitive to herbal cigarettes as they are utilized during the production.

Great acting, Intelligent, Riveting, Thought-provoking, Great writing

See it if you enjoy a small yet superb cast in a very thoughtful play. Performances were very believable; timing was perfect.

Don't see it if you only like large productions or do not care for an intimate theater experience.

July 24th, 2018
“Its maddening structure, extraneous scenes and superfluous characters diminish but do not totally obliterate the potency of playwright Small’s romantic drama...What could have been a focused and poignant work is instead an erratic jumble...With unrewarding tangents...A memory play but poorly exe...
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July 23rd, 2018
“A sumptuous exploration of second chances. It has the rhythm and smell of nostalgia...The characters are meticulously drawn and we fall into their lives like a Saint Bernard on an old sofa –its immensely satisfying and comfortable to experience...Rich, potent text...Strong directorial vision...C...
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