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Betty and the Belrays

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About the show

In this new 60s-set new musical, three white female singers challenge a racially divided society by singing for a black record label. More…

It's 1963 Detroit. Betty Belarosky, aganist her parents’ wishes, forms an all white girl group, *a la *the Ronnettes, to get a record deal at Soltown--a black record company. Can Betty bring a segregated city together through her music? She ventures to the Negro side of town, where she encounters The LoveJones, a black girl trio. The two groups, now rivals, go down south together to join the civil rights protests.

February 11th, 2019
“The creator of ‘Betty & The Belrays’, now at the Theater for the New City, pretty much dares you to compare his well-meaning, but cartoony, new musical to ‘Hairspray’, a comparison in which the new musical fares poorly. Written - book and lyrics - and directed by William Electric Black, with mus...
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February 13th, 2019
“The show originally ran in 2007, but 2019 seems like the perfect time to bring it back because many of its themes still ring true...The music transports the audience right back to the 60s...The pop songs, capture the sweet, feminine style of 60s girl bands...It’s a wonderful, important show full...
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February 7th, 2019
"I heartily recommend this musical. It’s full of pleasant surprises as it prompts one to think."
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February 17th, 2019
"Betty’s decision, and its consequences, make 'Betty and the Belrays' something other than a series of scenes that showcase a wonderful cast, ensemble, and musicians, and a cute group of songs...Really a lesson in the history of race relations in the past fifty or so years...Pity that’s still nec...
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