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About the show

Inspired by encounters with refugees, 'Borders' is an urgent, moving, and sometimes comic commentary on one of the great crises of our time. More…

Through two alternating monologues, 'Borders' tells the stories of a British press photographer and a Syrian graffiti artist, whose paths cross in tragic circumstances.  

July 5th, 2018
“A dull polemic where a complex moral drama ought to be...The Syrian graffiti artist emerges as a fully human character with a compellingly unique story. Regrettably, Naylor never appears satisfied with that...The fact that her story is frequently interrupted by a tepid send-up of the Western med...
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July 9th, 2018
"Avital Lvova is singular in her ability to take the beautiful poetry of Naylor’s text and deliver it effortlessly...Lvova is athletic, gripping, and her performance is doubtlessly the highlight of the play...'Borders' is co-directed ingeniously by Michael Cabot and Louise Skaaning, who make grea...
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July 6th, 2018
“A small, spare, sometimes poignant but not especially enlightening play that alternates monologues by two characters, a British photographer and a young Syrian woman...There is a deliberate discord between the largely comic tone of Sebastian’s anecdotes and the largely tragic tone in what Namele...
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July 5th, 2018
"Written in breathless, staccato, pulp fiction-style sentences filled with vividly carved verbal images…For all the play's hearts-in-the-right-place depiction of Syrian suffering, it fails to go much beyond the depiction of the struggle of two artists to remain true to their convictions, with the...
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