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Cannibal Galaxy: A Love Story

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About the show

Centering around a group of employees at a D.C. science museum, 'Cannibal Galaxy: a Love Story' is a new play about how we keep breathing as America eats itself alive. More…

It’s business as usual at the Washington D.C. Science Museum where the employees’ personal lives keep getting in the way. Jo wants a child but is unable to secure an inseminator. Chet longs to make love, but dating kinda sucks and gaming is way more awesome. Claire searches for purpose by digging directly toward the center of the earth. Vadim prioritizes the needs of others but wouldn’t know his own if they crawled into bed with him. Eloise lives in a treehouse and brushes her teeth with space particles. When chaos ravages a perfectly average day, these co-workers are flung into a cosmic galactic shift, rearranging their internal cartography.

1h 30m | Already closed | New Ohio Theatre (West Village)

June 13th, 2018
“Although Greene's script may sometimes seem like an incongruent juxtaposition of tragic plot and comedic action, her characters' candid discussions excavate spot-on truths about our current society...Each of the cast members skillfully maneuvers from dramatic to comedic moments and makes the emo...
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June 13th, 2018
“Greene’s new and complex play...Starts out swimmingly...Through some well constructed and smart dialogue, we begin to feel connected to their complex stories...The four actors playing these young souls are compelling and doing some pretty fine work...Trauma and finding a way to move forward with...
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