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Members say: Great staging, Disappointing, Clever, Insipid, Absorbing

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HERE presents this fictional "making of" tribute to the movie you thought you knew featuring an intricately woven multi-narrative script. More…

'CasablancaBox' lifts the veil of the eponymous classic film to reveal the stories behind the legends. Audiences embark on a tangled journey, from 'Casablanca’s' sound stage at Warner Bros. Studios, to Nazi Germany, to London during the Blitz, to Ingrid Bergman’s living room, to Humphrey Bogart’s dressing room, to an Austrian extra’s real-life escape from a concentration camp, to Peter Lorre’s morphine-addled mind. Rife with glamour, war, censorship, sexism, racism, addiction, and the refugee crisis of 1940s Hollywood, 'CasablancaBox' sets out to explore and expose the often accidental and chaotic nature of great art through the lens of "America’s Favorite Movie."

Member Reviews (11)


Great staging, Disappointing, Clever, Insipid, Absorbing

Banal, Insipid, Slow, Indulgent, Disappointing

See it if You like getting a nap in the theater.

Don't see it if You value your time.

April 10th, 2017
"A brave, almost foolhardy undertaking, presenting the backstage drama during the making of 'Casablanca,' and daring its audience to compare its cast members to the actors in what many believe to be the finest Hollywood movie of all time...As Bogart, Roger Casey captures the actor’s tics but not ...
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April 12th, 2017
"As a visual object, 'CasablancaBox' has moments of beauty...Reid Farrington is a past master at projection work, and as always, it's precise and glowing. But he's less deft with the non-pixelated performers. Sara Farrington has frequently written them scenes that seem nearly impossible to play.....
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April 21st, 2017
"Technically polished, and textually messy...One wishes that all of this material had been given more shape and direction. As it is, the staging is often disconcertingly frantic...Also, allowing for dramatic license, the script is loaded with pointless errors that will ring false to any film fan....
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April 15th, 2017
"A pretentious travesty is perpetrated on the beloved classic movie 'Casablanca' by this this tiresome performance art deconstruction...The large cast for the most part offers exaggerated, fast-paced characterizations that, due to the piece’s stylized agenda, don’t really register as full-fledged...
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