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Devoted Dreams

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A new dark comedy about a young man who fights to find love and success in a loveless world driven by money and power. More…

Alexander is building his promising asset management career. Surrounded by overbearing parents, a friendly yet cold marriage and brutal bosses he can only find escape in endless work and the arms of a beautiful young woman. His young wife Eva is lonely and yearning for a family, a dream that seems so close upon the arrival of Silver, a young, seemingly abandoned but surprisingly knowledgeable kid. Who is he? Who are his parents? Can he appease the tensions arising within the young couple’s home and help them find their way?

Theatre is Easy

"The play asks interesting questions about what makes for a fulfilled life...The play would benefit greatly from some cuts and maybe an added conclusion...If you like theatre that asks questions, you might want to check out 'Devoted Dreams.'" Full Review

Stage Buddy

"There are moments that the play falls to predictable caricatures and stereotypes, giving both director and actors clear limitations. Some jokes don’t really land and there are parts in the dialogue that throw too much information at us, like discussing the illegal transfer of funds. However if you enjoy pondering philosophical questions, there is an opportunity to do so in 'Devoted Dreams'." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"It seems like a bad acting class in Shakespearean style and vocal technique...This play is somewhat hard to follow...'Devoted Dreams' is as muddled as a multi-scene, multi-character, semi-fable can be." Full Review

The Public Reviews

"The writer explores worthwhile topics and attempts to raise important questions. Unfortunately he provides us with answers that are trite and simplistic, through one-dimensional characters and a fairly misogynistic point of view. Clichés abound." Full Review


"'Devoted Dreams' is a mind-boggling production...Despite the short-sighted production values, there are also structural problems in the script which were not concealed in the slightest by the casting decisions and certainly didn’t help the actors. Though it is true in some cases that less is more, in this particular situation the concept might as well be thrown out the window. Full Review

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