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Dying in Boulder

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About the show

A comic but moving exploration of American cultural confusion around aging and dying - and our inability to control either. More…

In a quest for a "good death," a dying Caucasian-American Buddhist in Boulder, Colorado enlists her reluctant mixed-Filipino family in micromanaging her impending funeral rites.

Lighting & Sound America

"A plot problem, a character problem, and, most of all, a credibility problem. The playwright, Linda Faigao-Hall, has taken on a challenging dramatic situation -- a deathwatch -- but, despite some intriguing touches here and there, doesn't make compelling drama of it. For all its exotic trappings it is, at heart, an ordinary dysfunctional family donnybrook in which the usual bill of complaints is aired...Morgan's direction does its best to smooth over the script's less-credible aspects." Full Review

This Week in New York Blog

"A fairly standard work about death and aging...The play is as much about sisters as it is death, but neither Jane nor Lydia is a compelling character. Lydia is too shrill and disbelieving, while Jane is overly woo-woo...Morgan is unable to grab hold of any significant conflict to drive the story until it’s too late; it would have benefited by being trimmed from two acts and two hours to about eighty minutes without intermission." Full Review

New York Stage Review

"Although the playwright seems to be setting up 'Dying in Boulder' as a comedy, the second act gets deadly serious. And not in a good way...To pursue what proves to be a threadbare story about sisterly ill will resolved in a deathbed, the playwright blows an opportunity to deliver a satirical study in how some people and even some places can casually annex a variety of different cultural traditions to suit their fancies. A schizophrenic effort that ultimately satisfies neither as comedy nor d... Full Review

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