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Early Shaker Spirituals

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The Wooster Group channels the 1976 LP recorded by the Sisters of the Shaker Community giving a new live rendering to their songs and finding inspiration for a series of dances.... Read more

"Early Shaker Spirituals" returns to an artistic practice that the Group has used throughout its history: working with record albums as source material for original productions. The piece also investigates the Shakers, a millenarian, celibate, communitarian sect. In 1980, Elizabeth LeCompte, Kate Valk and other members of the company visited the Sabbathday Lake Shaker community and met with Sister R. Mildred Barker. Around that time, the company first began listening to the record album that forms the basis for this new piece.


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The Hollywood Reporter

"Although performed with uncanny exactitude, this experimental musical theater piece is easier to admire than enjoy...This is as austere and unaffected as the spiritual music it reproduces...more intriguing in its conception than execution...The evening soon feels dull and repetitious." Full Review

The Huffington Post

"It's a strange, defiant, quixotic, fruitless and all-the-more-admirable-for-it evening of entertainment...It lasts one hour and is, appropriately enough, seemingly simple and straightforward in every way. It's purely in the spirit of that strangely memorable religious sect...The evening is not moving in a theatrical sense, but it moves... It was quaint. It was sweet. When can we do it again?" Full Review

The New York Times

for a previous production "Austere and profoundly affecting...“Early Shaker Spirituals” testifies joyously to the discipline, dedication and conviction that have allowed one band of artists to endure and flourish on its own uncompromising terms. The show lasts only an hour, yet it seems to span not just decades but centuries of creative evolution and ancestry...What you feel is a true communion of artists with their predecessors." Full Review

Time Out New York

for a previous production "The austerity refreshes like cool water. No text but the record sleeve, no sound but the invocation of long-ago, creaky-voiced Shakers. The women, beautifully severe, don’t even “perform,” beyond looking gravely at the audience. The Wooster gospel has ever been complex, sophisticated and arch. "Early Shaker Spirituals" has such simplicity and vulnerability, I was surprised to find that they’re charging money; it has so much the aura of a proffered gift." Full Review

Manhattan Digest

for a previous production "There certainly is beauty in sparseness and simplicity but that doesn’t always make for great theater. The piece seems somewhat purpose-less, uninspired, and frankly, rather dull." Full Review

Los Angeles Times

for a previous production "What could be the points of connection between an avant-garde performance company and this monastic tradition? Nothing on the surface, but dig deeper and you'll find the same proud insularity, daily commitment to work and openness to the grace of inspiration..."Early Shaker Spirituals," a brief work that could probably be presented as effectively as a theatrical installation in a gallery, reminds us that artists following a true calling are secular saints." Full Review

SF Gate

for a previous production "Time seems to stop — at least in the normal quotidian sense of its passage. Not just in their songs but in the uncommonly settled, placid presence of the four women in “Early Shaker Spirituals,” we seem transported to a space where temporal concepts no longer apply...I couldn’t say if this is spiritual ecstasy. But it’s transcendent." Full Review

LA Weekly

for a previous production "It is the very austerity and rigorous minimalism of the show that eventually takes hold. Beginning with vaguely familiar hymns that are reminiscent of monodic Appalachian folk songs...With the addition of eerie harmonies and then, in the evening’s finale, reconstructed Shaker dances, "Early Shaker Spirituals" soars beyond a canny ethnomusicological evocation to become something more deeply poignant and wonderfully enchanting." Full Review

Stage Happenings

for a previous production "Amid a cacophony of technologies competing for our attention it is downright remedial to take in The Wooster Group’s latest offering, a plain and exceedingly disciplined Early Shaker Spirituals: A Record Album Interpretation... If you ask me, it gave us an overdue respite from our fast-moving LA tumult." Full Review

Viva Lifestyles

for a previous production "There’s a meditative quality to this piece of work...Not much happens in hour–long production of Early Shaker Spirituals, but it’s a piece of theater that holds meaning in its lack of plot or narrative." Full Review


for a previous production "Why also, the songs and interviews are not memorized and sung without relying on technology is also a bit of a curiosity. Did this contrast between high tech and low tech really add to the piece? You think not…but then you wonder if your expectations are now too high and you’ve begun waiting to find yourself “in the place just right” where everything is pure and white as snow. One thing is certain, you’ve been transported into a world." Full Review

Santa Barbara Independent

for a previous production "For most of the 50-minute piece, the five women in the cast sit like bodhisattvas on the stage, as static as canvases yet charged with electricity. Peaceful and yet ready to take flight, they feed us the world of these Shaker hymns with glorious precision. The slight turns and movements they make are carefully scripted, reading neither as “choreographed” nor as spilling out unconsciously from the actors’ bodies...The Wooster Group has a shaker-like gift of creating simple, potent, and essent... Full Review

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Original, Resonant, Riveting, Great staging

See it if You like dance, experiments in theatre, master female artists

Don't see it if You want a clear message, dialogue, dramatic action