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Eureka Day

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Set at a private school in Berkeley, CA, this east coast premiere from Colt Coeur dives into the vaccination debate and asks: how do you find consensus when you can’t agree on the facts? More…

From the show:

Carina has just enrolled her son at EUREKA DAY School in Berkeley, CA, where all decisions are made by consensus, diversity and inclusion are valued, and vaccinations are a personal matter. As a freshman member of the private school’s board of directors—one position is always reserved for a new parent so no one gets too calcified in their thinking—she is thrown into the deep end when a mumps outbreak hits the school, forcing parents to choose between their own personal beliefs and what might be best for the community. Opening the discussion up to online trolls during a Facebook Live meeting only moves the committee further away from answering EUREKA DAY’s—and our era’s—most pressing question: how do you find consensus when you can’t agree on the facts?

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Great acting, Relevant, Thought-provoking, Funny, Intelligent
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Well played, Long, Uneasy, Satirical, Contemporary

See it if you’re interested in how we’re raising our kids & the knots we can tie ourselves up in for the admirable cause of inclusivity.

Don't see it if the idea of sitting through long meetings of a politically correct update of the PTA makes you squirm.

Also I’m glad I saw “Eureka Day” but it wasn’t always easy to sit through. ... Read more Read less

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Entertaining, Great acting, Funny

See it if You want to laugh at some poignant observations about current human behavior and interaction.

Don't see it if See it! Highly recommend. A tad could be trimmed in the middle, but this was very strong nonetheless.

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Intelligent, Hilarious, Great acting

See it if You are ready to laugh and also delve into complex motivations people have for holding their beliefs.

Don't see it if You don’t like to laugh!

August 29th, 2019
CRITIC’S PICK "Review: Opinions Collide in the Explosive Comedy ‘Eureka Day’: Jonathan Spector’s lively portrait of a debate over mandatory vaccinations is the perfect play for our age of disagreement."
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August 30th, 2019
4/5 Stars "Under Adrienne Campbell-Holt's alert direction, Spector and the expert cast extract comic gold from the little tugs-of-war for control among the members of the committee. But in the second act, this comedy of manners yields to a serious probing of interpersonal responsibility and the l...
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August 30th, 2019
"One is struck by Spector's remarkable facility for skewering his characters' affectations while allowing them their humanity. It's a pretty devastating combination and it helps to explain why " 'Eureka Day' is both loaded with laughter and armed with plenty to say about the way we live now."
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September 9th, 2019
5/5 Stars "Jonathan Spector's Cyclonically Funny Outrageous New Comedy: The invasion of the anti-vaxxers, from-where else?-Berkeley"
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