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Film Chinois

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Pan Asian Rep presents this atmospheric noir drama with spy intrigue and dangerous romantic liaisons set in 1947 China, an uneasy time between WWII and the imminent Communist takeover. More…

Randolph, an American operative, has been sent to the imperial city on a secret mission. He makes progress until he meets a Chinese woman named Chinadoll, his would-be adversary and lover. As Randolph plunges deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness that was once the most beautiful city in the world, he finds his life imperiled, even as he begins to unravel the mystery of a piece of old home-made film, and a beautiful woman who seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Theatre is Easy

"A sublime evocation of the film noir genre...Film Chinois does such a great job of paying homage to film noir that you might think that you’re at the movies instead of at the theatre." Full Review

NY Theater Now

"If you like the Film Noir genre, you can now have it with a twist...go see the show. The writing is complemented very nicely by the directing. As an indictment of American cowboys and supercilious Belgians (the “good guys”), the play nicely subverts the genre." Full Review

Theater Pizzazz

"The presentational moments are unexpected, but they keep the intrigue and the drama fresh...The production, as a whole, lacks the humor sometimes found in Film Noir, but it’s still a great watch." Full Review

New York Theater

"It is hard to pull off a film noir these days that isn’t a parody. Pan Asian Repertory deserves credit for a serious attempt, which works best visually. But when near the end, Chinadoll says, “Follow me; everything will be clear,” trust me, it isn’t. The playwright hasn’t set up the resolution solidly enough for it to feel like a sufficient pay-off for our many moments in the dark." Full Review

Frequent Business Traveler

"The play has many of the elements of the genre – shadowy scenes, silhouetted figures, a black-and-white-ish visual style, and of course, femmes fatales--but how well does this translate to the stage?" Full Review

The New York Times

"There is roiling tumult amid the shadows in Damon Chua’s uneven but beautifully staged “Film Chinois”...Mr. Chua’s story has its moments, but the script dips in stretches." Full Review

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