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Fuck Marry Kill

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Members say: Ambitious, Great acting, Intense, Raunchy, Great staging

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Less Than Rent Theatre presents the world premiere of this Jacobean revenge comedy set in suburban Connecticut. More…

The teens of Greenport, CT face a chaotic spring semester as they grapple with loyalty, lust, narcissism, and nihilism before hitting the most important night of their lives: prom. 'FMK' mashes up the high drama of Jacobean theater with classic high-school tropes into a fast-paced and highly stylized epic. Secrets are spilled, backs are stabbed, and the survivors are left to count the dead and wonder how and why they got out alive. Best for ages 13 and up.

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Ambitious, Great acting, Intense, Raunchy, Great staging
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During previews
Clever, Great staging, Riveting, Needs editing, Entertaining

See it if You want a high energy, well-trained cast that keeps you inyterested in the story. You enjoy modern takes on classical theatre.

Don't see it if You want a well-edited script: some scenes & side characters could've been cut. With intermission, show clocks in @ 3 hours!

During previews
Tis pity it's unedited, Excellent acting company, Great update on jacobean revenge tragedy, Held my interest thru 3 hours, Great design, direction, choreography

See it if Jacobean drama updated, excellent cast/direction/staging/choreography high school revenge MeanKids comedy, can hold your interest for 3 hrs

Don't see it if homicide, incest, fightclubishness, entitlement, teenagers, moms with cancer, prom, 1.3/4hr 1st act, simulated sex would drive you over edge

Also I've always been fascinated by the excess of the Jacobean [Tis Pity Sh... Read more Read less

During previews
Ambitious, Confusing, Raunchy, Well staged, Overlong

See it if a talented, energetic cast performing Jacobean style comedy/tragedy updated to present day CT at high school prom time appeals to you.

Don't see it if if 3 hours of murder, incest, nudity, sex, violence & drug use sounds a bit much. WAY TOO LONG!

During previews
Ambitious, Epic, Great writing, Funny, Intense

See it if You enjoy teen soaps and want to laugh at the serious taken lightly and melodramatic moments.

Don't see it if You dislike frequent scene changes. You dislike "poor little rich kid" stories.

During previews
Ambitious, Great acting, Great staging, Raunchy, Cast injury cancelled act2, but this hi-energy frenetic non-stop love/hate fest was quite arresting. love is a wrestling match/battlefield.

See it if You want to see a big cast of talented and attractive young people give their all--physically and emotionally--to portray youth gone wild.

Don't see it if You are offended by crude language and all kinds of misspent youth bad behavior. Not for those who are prissy or prudish.

During previews
Confusing, Ambitious, Dizzying

See it if Mixed feelings about this play. Good acting in a less than engaging piece of work. Deals with too many topics at once. Hard to follow.

Don't see it if You want something more of a feel good nature. Didn't relate to any of the characters. All are flawed and sad cases.

Also After a VERY long Act One, the producer came out to tell us there woul... Read more Read less

During previews
Overrated, Intense, Raunchy, Indulgent, Insipid

See it if you like wild teens and twenty-somethings acting badly.

Don't see it if you like a coherent story.

During previews
Confusing, Overlong, Banal, Excruciating, Chaotic mess

See it if you have 3 hours to waste or care about the problems of whiny, self-indulgent adolescents

Don't see it if you are bothered by simulated sex, violence, rampant drug use, incest or you are interested in a coherent, well-written play

Also The play is poorly written (and at least 30 minutes needs to be cut) a... Read more Read less

October 31st, 2017
“Vicious teenagers do battle in modern-day Connecticut in James Presson's Jacobean-style revenge comedy, directed by Sash Bischof...The show begins with promising stylishness, but despite a talented and attractive young cast, it unravels completely just as the noose should be tightening. What mig...
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