Members say: Absorbing, Entertaining, Delightful, Thought-provoking, Intelligent

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Join the NYPL's theater curator for a behind-the-scenes tour of the fabulous collection at Lincoln Center. A must-do for theater fans!

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The New York Public Library has the world’s leading collection of theater history. Join Doug Reside, the library’s theater curator, for this fascinating dive into its treasures. You’ll be able to get up close to priceless artifacts from shows like "West Side Story," and see other objects that are rarely on display. Best of all, you’ll be able to have all your theater history questions answered by a true expert.

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Exciting, Delightful, Informative, Nerdy

See it if you want the chance to ask questions of the curator and to hear about the inner workings of the NYPL collection. The curator is great!

Don't see it if you aren't interested in the archival material that remains behind after a show has closed or prefer to experience things passively.

Also It is what it says on the tin -- but at the same time, it is what you ... Read more Read less

Insightful, Absorbing, Thought-provoking, Informative

See it if you've ever wanted to know more about the arts collection at the Lincoln Center location of NYPL. Bonus sneak peek into the on-site storage!

Don't see it if you have a specific expectation of what you want to experience or have covered. Keep an open mind, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Funny, Clever, Delightful, Great acting, Entertaining

See it if You like funny one man shows that make you laugh out loud and contain great acting and a terrific, fun storyline.

Don't see it if You don't like gay-ish subjects or humor

Absorbing, Must see, Riveting

See it if you love the theater. That's all you need to know. The curator was fabulous, knowledgeable and friendly.

Don't see it if you don't care for/love the theater. That's what it is about.

Also Tour the back rooms of the library with the friendly, knowledgeable cu... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Delightful, Informative, Fascinating, If you love theatre ephemera, you'll swoon.

See it if You love libraries, ephemera/artifacts, theatre history, getting access to "behind the scenes". The curator/tour leader is a deep well.

Don't see it if Wouldn't be thrilled seeing a working script close up, set designer models, old Playbills, card files. This is a geekfest for theatre buffs.

Also There's a bit of walking and exploring, but also an opportunity to sit... Read more Read less


See it if You are interested in the arts and are concerned how we are preserving our theatrical history.

Don't see it if You don't like informative tours, thousands of scripts and playbills, models of sets, and photos of past productions.

Also Great backstage look at the Arts archives of New York's theater, music... Read more Read less

Fascinating for theater history geeks (you know who you are)

See it if You would be thrilled at the opportunity to look at a scrapbook kept by Richard Rodgers, or the original set model for Follies.

Don't see it if You have no knowledge of theater history, and no desire to learn about it.

Also If I have one criticism of this tour, it's that Doug (the curator who ... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Delightful, Thought-provoking, Must see, Perfect for the new york theater buff!

See it if You are fascinated by theater history and libraries in general. How do they store memorabilia? What is deemed important enough to save?

Don't see it if You have no interest in getting in theater and/or you really don’t care about its history or how they preserve the memorabilia.

Also The curator did the library leads the tour so he really knows what he ... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Thought-provoking, Entertaining, Informative, Unexpected

See it if the ephemera of theater or curiosity about the LC library interest you. See & touch manuscripts, programs, letters, scores. photos, etc

Don't see it if close spaces or standing are difficult for you. Offered more library codes and less history of collecting than I'd prefer. but may change

Absorbing, Delightful, Entertaining

See it if you are a fan of theatre history. This tour is focused on all of the history and program offerings on the theatre collection in the library

Don't see it if you are not a fan of theatre history.

Also I loved this tour and I geeked out over some of the historical documen... Read more Read less

Absorbing, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Riveting, Entertaining

See it if you are a theatre buff/geek. are a researcher or history buff. Just want to see cool stuff!

Don't see it if you just want to go watch a show recording.

Intelligent, Relevant, Fascinating

See it if You enjoy behind the scenes tours and/or are interested in the history of theater.

Don't see it if You don't like tours.

Insightful, Delightful, Intelligent, Entertaining, Fascinating

See it if A theater fan and to see all that the theater library has to offer - which is a tremendous amount. Curator was so amazing; tour was a treat

Don't see it if You don't get excited by getting exclusive access to seeing theater artifacts, hearing about and seeing wide range of theater related items

Also The tour was fascinating and the theater curator and his team were so ... Read more Read less

Thought-provoking, Interesting, Pleasant, Low-key

See it if You're interested in New York Theatre history and cataloging.

Don't see it if You are expecting an exciting, dynamic exhibit.

Absorbing, Intelligent, Relevant, Entertaining

See it if You love to explore artifacts and history of performing Arts. You are interested in collections of shows, scripts, and memorabilia not seen.

Don't see it if You're not into preservation. You're Expecting to see videos of recorded shows, that requires special permission.

Absorbing, Delightful, Entertaining

See it if You want to discover new ways to access the amazing theater, dance, music and performing arts collections of this city library treasure.

Don't see it if You don’t like bookish environments, although many other-than-current Broadway & Off Bdwy performances are available to view as recordings.

Absorbing, Riveting, Entertaining

See it if You’re interested in how these dedicated people acquire and maintain this collection of theater and dance artifacts, recordings and photos.

Don't see it if You’re looking to see a show. This is a wonderful tour of a collection.

Absorbing, Entertaining, Fun, Great staging

See it if You love libraries or the performing arts.

Don't see it if You don't like libraries.

Also We took the inaugural offering of the tour & found it fascinating. To ... Read more Read less