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Kink Haus

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About the show

With a heady mix of music, dance, visual arts, lights, sounds and a maverick attitude, this new work depicts the raw, dark, and sometimes outlandish sexual journey people travel, in search of identity and freedom. 

Philadelphia performance artist Gunnar Montana and his band of misfits ​will ​examine the impulses that make us vulnerable, ultimately allowing us to celebrate the expressions​ that make us powerful. Set in an underground nightclub, the young multi-faceted performance artist and his cast examine the impulses that excite us when fantasy, fetish, and carnal desire are at play.

September 26th, 2018
“A crowd-pleasing bang...totally rad and dizzying performance art and dance spectacle...This performance is just the kind of ebullient combination of high brow ballet principles and techniques mixed with low brow hedonism all played through a kaleidoscope of the futuristic punk trash aesthetic......
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September 24th, 2018
“An insane and rollicking underground club...Just the outlandish costumes alone would make for a hoot of a show, but Montana doesn’t stop there. The real gist of the rollercoaster performances is dancing...Astonishingly athletic choreography, powerful, yet graceful...The dancing is out of control...
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September 24th, 2018
“Despite its delirious pleasures, 'Kink Haüs' feels occasionally too aware of its own edginess...Montana’s intentions are noble, but the piece...lacks genuine edge despite its provocative title...Though the show has the guts to push an audience’s boundaries, it lacks the teeth to truly leave a ma...
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October 5th, 2018
“An hour of debauchery straight from the gritty gay bars of Berlin...Largely a dance piece, with vigorously athletic and erotic choreography performed by seven skilled performers who are in remarkably good shape and often mostly undraped. Their movement veers between balletic, playful, graphic, a...
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