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The Foundry Theatre presents an experimental work about the son of a recently deceased artist. More…

Renowned 20th-century African-American artist “Uncle Jimmy” has just died poor and alone, leaving his best known work, 'The Illuminated Twain,' a radical retelling of 'Huckleberry Finn,' in pieces. His estranged son struggles to eulogize his father when he is interrupted by the arrival of his late dad's widow, Edna Finn. Written by W. David Hancock in collaboration with visual artist Wardell Milan, 'Master' exists between the language of theater and the silence of art as it confronts the inadequacy of our American stories head-on.

1h 30m | Already closed | Irondale Center (Brooklyn)

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Great acting, Relevant, Must see, Ambitious, Profound

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Quirky, Arcane

See it if You are smarter than I am. This may make sense to its creator, who has focused on it, but he does not strive to let others into his vision.

Don't see it if You want to come in, sit down, and enjoy a show which tells a clear story, easily understood, and go home entertained or educated.

June 8th, 2017
"If it begins in a kind of constructed confusion, as it did for me, it ends in something disturbing and powerful...Under the direction of Taibi Magar, the chaos is beautifully engineered...Ms. Magar manages to find the sweet spot between shallowness and overthink. One key to this success is the u...
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June 5th, 2017
"Part art exhibit and part performance, this Foundry Theatre production is a commemoration and a damnation of a fictional outsider artist...Jennings and O’Sullivan give powerful performances...If you prefer cohesive narratives, 'Master' may frustrate you; it’s a postmodern approach to remembrance...
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June 6th, 2017
“A provocative work of theater-art. Hancock, visual artist Wardell Milan, and director Taibi Magar have assembled a mind-bogglingly intricate and multilayered audio-visual experience that delves into the issue of race in startling, sometimes chilling ways…The realism of the production is appropri...
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June 6th, 2017
"'Master' is a museum exhibit, a memorial service, and a family drama—and thoroughly haunting on all three counts...A thoroughly original invention that welds the political to the personal in a way that many playwrights might envy...Every detail feels carefully considered...In addition to obtaini...
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