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Natural Life

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About the show

Inspired by real events, Eduardo Ivan Lopez's play explores the relationship between a female murderer on death row and the reporter who covers her story. More…

Inspired by a real-life incident in the 1980s, 'Natural Life' explores the relationship between death row inmate Claire and TV reporter Rita. Rita's objectivity is challenged when she discovers the mitigating circumstances that drove Claire to commit her crimes, including abuse, forced prostitution, alcoholism, violence, and desperate but ill-fated attempts at redemption. In Rita's effort to "set the record straight," she bonds with her subject.

March 29th, 2016
"Holly Heiser is committed and convincing…Fractured as it is, the story is easy to follow and moves along. The only perceptible drag is the need for frequent scene changes…Even so, Heiser manages to sustain interest....Whatever the facts of this particular case, there’s a deeper truth involving p...
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March 13th, 2016
"Acclaimed playwright Eduardo Ivan Lopez has molded a true paragon of the contemporary American drama...Via a script so realistic it veers on the model of a documentary, director Jake Turner contrasts hauntingly naturalistic action with surrealist, lurid staging...Heiser's supreme vulnerability a...
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March 21st, 2016
"The show features excellent performances throughout the small cast...The play’s topic is heavy, but director Jake Turner has made sure to keep the pace moving and the interest up throughout. With his great set, terrific casting and well thought out visual distractions, he has made what could be ...
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March 17th, 2016
"Eduardo Ivan Lopez’s play starts off stilted, but ends up creating characters and themes that make us want to question...Heiser’s portrayal is strong, unflinching and powerful. By the time the play ends we know exactly who this woman is and we feel her pain...Jake Turner’s direction is almost ci...
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