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Occasionally Nothing

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About the show

Set in a foreseeable dystopian future, this play centers around three British expats sheltering from nearby bomb blasts in a bleak room. Part of the 2018 Dream Up Festival. More…

They cope by taunting each other with warped games of verbal wordplay and by blurring each other's realities while losing touch with their own. The trio's ordeal is meant to offer a bleak glimpse at life in the wake of a dystopian presidency, where wars will abound, words will have lost their meaning and people will have lost their way. How did the world get there?

July 3rd, 2017
for a previous production “We find ourselves in a bleak world where three survivors are hiding out after a nuclear holocaust. Virtually nothing is left...Dumeng brings out a lot of musical humor and the glory of being an American, even when there is no more America. It really is like a one-hour roller coaster ride, for wh...
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July 2nd, 2017
for a previous production “The writing here is spare, brutal, and emotionally resonate. Menna has imbued her work with a musicality for both the words and the long silences that fall in between...Menna’s dialogue crackles with energy and wit...The play takes a turn and lands an emotional wallop on the audience...Dumeng in...
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June 28th, 2017
for a previous production “If British accents don’t spark your interest, come to watch the fantastic actors perform. Physical comedy adds a delightful layer to the quick humorous exchanges over the meaning of nothing...The writer plays with the meaning of words as we watch the characters struggle to survive and maintain p...
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