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2h 20m | Previews start Sep 27 | St Ann's Warehouse (Brooklyn)

Rodgers and Hammerstein's classic musical is boldly re-imagined by director Daniel Fish, in a new staging at St Ann's Warehouse. More…

With no chorus, a seven-piece band, a theater repurposed as a community social hall, and chili shared by the audience and actors at intermission, this intimate production strives to illuminate the musical form’s essentials to better expose the show’s emotional range and layered characters.


for a previous production "We were not prepared for the sheer volume of invention packed into this tiny house in the backwoods. This production thrusts you into the action from the moment you walk into the theater...With all the talk of eminent statehood framing the proceedings, we’re asked to ponder the bloodiness of our country’s history and our complacency in the face of cruelty...If there is any justice in the American theater, we should see this stunning production moved somewhere closer." Full Review

Rural Intelligence

for a previous production "You will be awed by how the familiar feels as fresh as the just-shucked corn piled on the set...The accomplished actors and new musical arrangements give the production a thoroughly contemporary attitude...Without irony or cynicism, director Fish has breathtakingly updated 'Oklahoma!' and maintained its all-American spirit while making it a musical of our time." Full Review

The New York Times

for a previous production "Fish’s vibrant, essential excavation of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s 1943 classic asks that we listen with virgin ears...This 'Oklahoma!' revels in the exhilaration of pioneers forging their identities...But it also suggests — in ways that remain disarmingly subtle until it slides into sledgehammer bluntness at the end — that these good people aren’t as frank with themselves as they think they are...They turn out to be less wholesome and adorable than you remembered, but also a lot more interes... Full Review

Stage Buddy

for a previous production "The exceptional ensemble thrives in this revision, which grants traditionally one-note characters with souls all their own...In this production, the women of 'Oklahoma!' are given an agency that they’ve lacked in previous interpretations, none of them were ever really just damsels waiting to be rescued, but here they are provided with sexual freedom removed of any stigma...Daniel Fish’s 'Oklahoma!' works as a chilling dissection of the barbaric foundations upon which America was built." Full Review

Mildly Bitter's Musings

for a previous production "Fish injects this production with a sizzling undercurrent of sensuality which is a goal well-served by his cast...Though the on-stage sizzle may be dialed up in this 'Oklahoma,' it is the music that will be for some the most radical choice here...Fish chooses to stage the final confrontation between Curly and Judd with this same lens of sympathy. Without saying too much, the approach to this event shifts the entire meaning of what follows." Full Review

AM New York

for a previous production "The songs have been reorchestrated for a six-piece bluegrass band, and the modern country sound suits the score quite nicely. The performers give toned-down, believable performances...Some of the directorial touches are strange, questionable and likely to spark fierce debate. This is far from the definitive 'Oklahoma!,' but it is an intriguing and fresh 'Oklahoma!'" Full Review

Theater Life

for a previous production "At first Daniel Fish’s sunny, stripped-down staging offers few glimmers of disquiet...But then, close to the end, Fish throws in a startlingly violent twist not in Hammerstein’s book or Lynn Riggs’ original play that seems to come out of nowhere and this warmhearted favorite becomes an anti-NRA commercial...It’s too much of the director inserting himself into the event...Aside from the bizarre finale, this is an enjoyable, ingenious, and fresh interpretation of a beloved classic." Full Review

In My Back Yard

for a previous production "'Oklahoma!' has many pleasures, notably a willingness to shed light on the play’s inherent darkness...Intimacy, which allows every sterling word of Hammerstein’s to be heard as if for the first time, is the real star of this production, and it makes good dramatic sense...I’m all for chamber musicals, but this 'Oklahoma!' made me wonder if it’s better when they’re born that way. In reducing 'Oklahoma!' to its dramatic essence, Fish may have given us more and less at the same time." Full Review

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