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Phalaris's Bull: Solving the Riddle of the Great Big World

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Great Big World LLC presents a one-of-a kind theatrical event – neither play nor lecture – staged to reflect Steven Friedman’s prismatic and eclectic vision of the world. More…

Harvard-educated, molecular biologist, visual artist, and provocative underground philosopher, Steven Friedman has the answers to life’s big questions. This play uses personal narrative, poetry, art and science to tell the story of a contemporary philosopher's quest to fulfill Einstein's ambition 'to solve the riddle of the great, big world.' Friedman offers a solution to the world’s pain – a philosophy based on Kierkegaard’s story in which an ancient torture device, Phalaris’s Bull, turned the terrible sounds of pain into music. To create is to enter Phalaris’s Bull, and our pain becomes beauty.

December 28th, 2015
"Friedman seeks to mix philosophical musings and autobiographical vignettes into a brainy, insightful theater. He succeeds only intermittently...It’s annoying, and the other details that he shares are pretty generic, so latching onto him as a sympathetic character is difficult. Also not helping M...
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December 22nd, 2015
"The production is big on visual and aural distractions designed to enliven the windy generalities of Friedman's text...Whether you take Friedman as a genuinely deep mind, a classic American eccentric in the Bronson Alcott mode, or a skilled purveyor of snake oil, 'Phalaris' Bull' is a one-of-a-k...
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December 19th, 2015
"The 80-minute evening is as close as you're likely to ever come to receiving an exclusive tour of something that could be considered a great mind...Director David Schweizer has done nothing to tone down the evening's pretensions and elicit Friedman's underlying humanity. If anything, Friedman's ...
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December 23rd, 2015
"This solo show is as alien to the universe of professional theater as Chewbacca would be in Scranton. That stage set, with its array of windows, nooks, compartments, and sliding panels, is far and away the most memorable thing about 'Phalaris's Bull'…From the moment the play begins, the design t...
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