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New York | 1h 30m | In Previews: Opens Oct 24


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Members say: Late-blooming, Affecting, Solo, Human

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After watching an excerpt of “Julius Caesar” on television, a 14-year Filipino boy locks himself in the only family bathroom to dive head-first into the world of ancient Rome. More…

The boy is determined to make sense of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. His father, a former town mayor now exiled because of his democratic beliefs, joins his son in the bathroom. Using his own political experience, a father helps his son understand Caesar’s story, and real-life lessons about power, life, and loss.

1h 30m | In Previews: Opens Oct 24 | Theatre Row / Beckett Theatre (Midtown W)

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Human, Late-blooming, Solo, Affecting

See it if you are interested in the Filipino-American experience, or the relationships of fathers & sons, or the mystery of what inspires the young.

Don't see it if you do not like solo shows, or do not want to sit through big chunks of recited "Julius Caesar."

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