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Shadow of Heroes

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About the show

Metropolitan Playhouse's revival follows the intertwined lives of three friends and lovers from the liberation of Hungary from the Nazis in 1945 to its invasion by the Soviet army in 1956. More…

The play paints a vivid portrait of ideological zeal corrupting its adherents, of falsehoods deployed to protect the interests of the powerful, of anointed leaders of a Faith betraying its tenets, of chaos and suspicion at the core of an autocratic government, and ultimately of a victimized woman's story stirring a national movement.

2h 30m | Already closed | Metropolitan Playhouse (East Village)

November 15th, 2018
"A heroic revival...Its crystalline voice reverberates into our own time, causing chills...The metatheatrical conceit of having a character named 'Author' step in and provide context works exceptionally well...Roe takes full advantage of this device in his minimalist staging...The performances po...
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November 19th, 2018
"In Alex Roe's cleanly staged, generally well-acted production, this story exerts a terrible fascination, demonstrating as it does the uses of power to maintain the status quo behind a Potemkin village façade of social progress...Seen at a distance of half a century, it retains its power, especia...
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November 26th, 2018
"Metropolitan Playhouse demonstrates that his 'Shadow of Heroes' is a durable play that is both relevant and timely yet again as we go through a period of political and right wing turmoil. While it might be easier to follow with a larger cast filling the 30 roles, Alex Roe's production is both tr...
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November 21st, 2018
“A gripping and sad tale...It brings to life the true story of László and Rajk, Marxist leaders in the Hungarian resistance during World War II...The portrait of Hungarians living under a totalitarian government is well wrought in Ardrey’s gripping 1958 drama...The Author adeptly narrates the his...
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