She Stoops to Conquer (TACT)
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She Stoops to Conquer (TACT)

She Stoops to Conquer (TACT) NYC Reviews and Tickets

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Entertaining, Funny, Delightful, Clever, Great acting

About the Show

TACT presents a revival of Oliver Goldsmith’s 1773 comedy of manners, which combines heightened language with great heart and timeless humor.

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Great writing, Fun, Entertaining, Fun staging, Good old-fashioned

See it if Fun old-fashioned but freshly done comedy of manners. Fun characters & staging. Well acted. Smart strong women.

Don't see it if This is not a lavish or polished production. It is fun nonetheless. The language is old, but not overly so.

Enjoyable, Entertaining, Charming, Delightful

See it if you'd like to see an able, talented cast have a good time with this classic comedy of manners; you seek an enjoyable theatrical diversion.

Don't see it if you can't (for some reason) abide 18th Century British comedies; you're a linguist/study dialects. [The accents vary widely in authenticity]

Critic Reviews (17)

October 16th, 2016

"The jokes and one-liners in Goldsmith's 'She Stoops to Conquer,' a flagrantly silly comedy about love and mistaken identity, still hit the mark...Though it slouches for a few scenes in the beginning, the Actors Company Theatre production rights itself in the end and delivers some good old-fashioned hilarity. Goldsmith's 'She Stoops to Conquer' still packs a comical wallop, and the Actors Company Theatre proves it — no mistake about that."
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Lighting & Sound America
October 22nd, 2016

"An evening that ought to be uproarious is little more than mildly amusing. The problem, I think, is that Scott Alan Evans has pressed his cast to maintain such a cheerful, friendly tone that the play's wellsprings of laughter are severely discounted. These nice people don't really mean it, do they?...Evans' production is rarely, if ever, dull, but throughout it lacks a strong point of view and an eye for detail...This one doesn't conquer; it merely tries to ingratiate."
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October 17th, 2016

"Lacking polish and with intrusive direction, this revival of Goldsmith’s classic 18th-century comedy of manners is an amiable but dull affair. The recorded snippets of harpsichord music periodically played are about the only energizing element of this dutiful production...Most crucially, it’s not that funny...They’re all technically accomplished actors but their aptitude for comedy and command of period style is individually variable...Overall this rendition is pleasantly adequate."
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Theatre is Easy
October 17th, 2016

"The cast and crew have managed to execute a purely delightful production at a time when the theater is too often used as a soapbox...The cast knows exactly what they’re doing, and the chemistry between one another allows the story to flow freely...For a show that premiered in 1773, it holds up remarkably well...Scott Alan Evans’ direction allows certain moments to sizzle and pop, taking full advantage of the overtly theatrical world cultivated throughout the show."
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Theater Pizzazz
October 16th, 2016

"The self-conscious antics are further heightened by the increasingly tired, Brechtian convention of having the cast remain visible on the sides as they wait to make their entrances. This isn’t the wisest of choices for a play whose plot may strain credulity but is kept alive by the warm-heartedness of its characters, in each of whom the audience must believe. Only now and then does anyone seem flesh and blood."
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October 16th, 2016

"Scott Alan Evans keeps the action whizzing along from scene to scene with a roistering quality that diverts attention from the most outlandish points of Goldsmith's plot...Director Evans has adapted Goldsmith's text in a way that's solicitous of the limitations of today's audiences but respectful of the playwright...Evans and his cast are demonstrating that Goldsmith's gem holds up as a source of merriment and a fine chance for actors to flaunt their comic gifts."
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Front Row Center
October 18th, 2016

"Three words to describe this production would be wit, whimsy and wherewithal...The actors are uniformly excellent and very well cast, each finding both the humor and the heart in the character...Within...the pared-down nature of the production, the actors find numerous colors and levels, in some ways liberated by the imposed limitations. It is a testament to their commitment and the director’s intelligence that they embrace this experience and run with it."
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Times Square Chronicles
October 16th, 2016

"The Actors Company Theatre (TACT) revival of Oliver Goldsmith’s 'She Stoops to Conquer' is enchanting. Stripped down yet keeping in the era, the actors rely on their craft, energy and their camaraderie...What TACT has done is made this play appealing for contemporary audiences...Director and adapter Scott Alan Evans keeps the piece moving and we follow along. The cast is all good but Jeremy Beck, and Richard Thieriot make the best of their parts."
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The Huffington Post
October 16th, 2016

"Yes, 'She Stoop to Conquer' deals in romantic silliness that Goldsmith gives the sort of oomph that requires inspired directing and playing to realize its full potential. That's exactly what fails to occur here. Though the actors strive mightily, that may be the problem: too much effortful thesping. But it's not their fault. Their unrewarding toil is a consequence of Evans's direction."
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October 28th, 2016

"The TACT Company offers a lighthearted rendition of this classic replete with some genial audience contact between acts, occasional dissolution of the fourth wall, a couple of rousing tavern songs, and cleverly inclusive use of the entire theater, not just the stage. It’s fun...Scott Alan Evans’s adaptation is smart, witty, and economic. His direction, especially use of the aisles, arrives lively and well mannered. Accents, however, are all over the place."
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Broadway & Me
October 19th, 2016

"The Actors Company Theatre's revival of this classic farce works hard to be contemporary. Maybe too hard...It seems that almost every other show wants to be interactive these days. I guess producers think that will lure younger people to their shows. But I'm hoping this is a short-lived trend, particularly when it's gratuitous, as it is here...But the show still has a few pleasures. That's mainly due to the cast, a mix of vets and newcomers to TACT's resident company."
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October 16th, 2016

"High-spirited, funny, snappily adapted and paced by Evans, and crisply acted by a superb cast, 'She Stoops to Conquer' is a comic delight...It’s not the details of Goldsmith’s preposterous plot that make it work; it’s the skillful way he wove them together and his sly way with dialogue. And it’s not any of these fine performances individually that galvanizes this revival; it’s the brightly colored vision saddled up by Evans, and the gusto with which the actors take the reins."
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DC Metro Theater Arts
October 17th, 2016

"It’s very difficult to do, particularly with an American cast, for it is British to the core...Nothing wrong with minimalism, but as there are no walls, the company must lounge around against the side walls of the stage when waiting in what would be the wings if there were wings...I’ve seen several of the resident company...and a few have been well-placed here. But I found little consistency in style with the playing."
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October 21st, 2016

"It delights today just as it did over two hundred years ago...The TACT revival, directed by Scott Alan Evans, is pretty faithful to the original...The TACT production is exciting and vibrant in all of the best theatrical traditions...It is the boisterous, sparkling performances of the cast that make this production as funny and bright as it was when people really did wear waistcoats and hooped skirts."
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Epoch Times
October 30th, 2016

"'She Stoops to Conquer' encompasses all the tricks of that trade: mistaken identity, extreme characterizations, convoluted and zany plot lines, and miraculously favorable outcomes...Staged in a bare bones’ style, Evans lets the ridiculous but guileful text speak for itself...In addition to being simply comedic, it is layered with societal elements that are universal and timeless...Performances are first-rate...A lively and entertaining evening."
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Edge New York
October 24th, 2016

"Presented in an intimate space, the company performed with heart, spirit, skill, and fire. And if the actors aren't famous, they range from good to superb. Here was one of the most charming plays in our language given a production it deserves: rousing, lively, engaging and amusing. Credit for that must start with the company's artistic director, Scott Alan Evans, who had the good sense to keep the production simple and to cast his actors largely by their talent."
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Off Off Online
October 15th, 2016

"Goldsmith’s characters are imperfect, and therein likable. The Actors Company Theatre is staging a slightly imperfect (and therein quite likable) production...The moments when this production shines most are when it is faithful to Goldsmith’s unique genre of 'laughing comedy,' aimed to elicit belly laughs with physical ridiculousness and silly twists of plot...A fun night at the theater as well as an opportunity to experience one of England’s most important and beloved plays."
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