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She Stoops to Conquer (TACT)

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TACT presents a revival of Oliver Goldsmith’s 1773 comedy of manners, which combines heightened language with great heart and timeless humor. More…

This celebrated romantic comedy pits country manners against city snobbery, and features mistaken identities, rustic rubes, and a barmaid who isn’t what she appears to be. Directed and adapted by TACT's Artistic Executive Director, Scott Alan Evans, this production takes a fresh, streamlined look at this classic and includes some audience participation.

Theater Pizzazz

"The self-conscious antics are further heightened by the increasingly tired, Brechtian convention of having the cast remain visible on the sides as they wait to make their entrances. This isn’t the wisest of choices for a play whose plot may strain credulity but is kept alive by the warm-heartedness of its characters, in each of whom the audience must believe. Only now and then does anyone seem flesh and blood." Full Review

Lighting & Sound America

"An evening that ought to be uproarious is little more than mildly amusing. The problem, I think, is that Scott Alan Evans has pressed his cast to maintain such a cheerful, friendly tone that the play's wellsprings of laughter are severely discounted. These nice people don't really mean it, do they?...Evans' production is rarely, if ever, dull, but throughout it lacks a strong point of view and an eye for detail...This one doesn't conquer; it merely tries to ingratiate." Full Review


"Lacking polish and with intrusive direction, this revival of Goldsmith’s classic 18th-century comedy of manners is an amiable but dull affair. The recorded snippets of harpsichord music periodically played are about the only energizing element of this dutiful production...Most crucially, it’s not that funny...They’re all technically accomplished actors but their aptitude for comedy and command of period style is individually variable...Overall this rendition is pleasantly adequate." Full Review

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See it if you want to see a classic performed and don't mind the inconsistencies of the actors and staging.

Don't see it if you want a faithful and well acted production of a classic.

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