New York | 1h 30m | Ends May 04

The Appointment

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About the show

Lightning Rod Special returns to New York with this new musical satire about the American abortion debate. More…

Associated risks include dizziness, cramping, choreographed musical numbers, emotionally manipulative informed consent handbooks, God's wrath, and rampant misogyny. 

The New York Times

"What you will definitely not feel after this remarkable phantasmagoria is clearheaded. Or smug, or righteous, or vindicated in your beliefs, no matter what they are, about an endlessly divisive subject...Unfolded in a series of songs and sketches, this production implicitly pushes arguments for and against abortion to their extreme limits...This thoughtful, profoundly imaginative show concludes in a silence that is all the more eloquent for the sound and the fury that preceded it." Full Review

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