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Theatre Three Collaborative presents a drama about a pregnant Muslim refugee who is embraced by an eccentric American family living on an idyllic isle in the Adriatic.

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An American poet lives in self-chosen exile on an idyllic Mediterranean island with his older sister, a nurturing beekeeper. His Dionysian male lover is visiting when the poet's adult daughter, a human rights worker, arrives with a pregnant and traumatized Bosnian Muslim woman. As everyone reacts to the distressed woman's plight, they experience changes in their relationships, accusing each other of abandonment, and reexamining their commitments to one other. Written and directed by Karen Malpede, this revival stars four-time Obie winner George Bartenieff.

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"This important play reflects much of the violence and inequality that our world is battling in every region today. Showcasing conflict in different ways and from different viewpoints and spotlights, 'The Beekeeper’s Daughter' fulfills its responsibility in bringing the vital issues to life and demanding attention." Full Review

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