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The Cult Play

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About the show

In this new drama, cult leader Mama Pearl, fearing she’s losing control of her flock, prophesizes the second coming of their Goddess. Now she’ll do anything to make her prophesy a reality. More…

'The Cult Play' follows Mama Pearl, an enigmatic woman with alleged powers and leader of a secretive Goddess worshiping religious group, The Soul Scouts. As Mama attempts to retain control of her followers after the defection of a longtime member, the Scouts each find themselves exploring the boundaries of their faith. When Mae, a rebellious new recruit, introduces The Soul Scouts to social media, she inadvertently triggers a series of events that could end Mama Pearl's great vision of the future.

February 4th, 2018
"Gleefully combines supernatural elements and genre tropes that would work better if the play surrendered itself to its campy tendencies. Instead we get tonal shifts from scene to scene, that make an already overlong play feel interminable...Lazaridis gives the play the subtlety of a C.S.I. spino...
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February 6th, 2018
"Wild, insightful, and absorbing...Cusumano has crafted a scenario that though familiar is gripping...The dialogue is well-observed, sharp, and occasionally very funny. The play is peopled by a collection of characters who are all identifiable and have finely drawn back stories...Subplots and rep...
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February 2nd, 2018
"'The Cult Play' starts strong...Across the board, the actors are strong and are the true selling point to the production...And yet, even the talent of the cast cannot make up for a play which desperately needs more editing down...Tendency towards heavy-handedness and long-winded dramatizing...Th...
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