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The Offending Gesture

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The Tank presents the world premiere of a humorous and poetic indictment of American foreign policy in Iraq, told through the true story of Hitler and his dog, Blondi. More…

Wellman takes as his subject a political incident that occurred in 1941 just before Germany invaded the Soviet Union, when Tor Borg, a Finnish businessman infamously taught his own dog Jackie to do the Nazi Party Salute in response to the command, "Heil Hitler."

1h 20m | Already closed | Connelly Theatre (East Village)

Lighting & Sound America

"Wellman never attacks a subject head-on, preferring the sideways approach, complete with bizarre plot cul-de-sacs, extra-theatrical devices, and richly allusive, and often mandarin, language...Yet these elements somehow fail to add up to a satisfying evening...There's a lot of talent involved in 'The Offending Gesture,' but somehow its many good bits don't come together to create a persuasive alternate world. It doesn't offend, but neither does it sufficiently provoke." Full Review

The Huffington Post

"It's the contretemps that Wellman, always intent on going his own way, spins into a satire that has an abundance of amusingly silly moments and some amusingly somber moments as well. The drawback is that at 80 minutes, the amusing moments only add up to about 20, maybe 25 of those 80 minutes...had it been written and performed in, say, 1943, it would have been explosive satire. Showing up in 2015 gives it the air of being somewhat defanged." Full Review

Village Voice

"Carefully crafted yet hollow lines pervade the script, which is both disappointingly dense and unsatisfying in its ability to explore an intriguing premise...This becomes problematic, because his ambitions for the arc of the story are quite abstract...The result is a numbing inertia." Full Review

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