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The Savannah Disputation

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Me & She and Manytracks present a theological comedy telling a story in which a crisis of faith arises when seemingly similar beliefs are discovered to be worlds apart. More…

It's Christmas time in Georgia as two Catholic spinsters are suddenly thrust into a verbal smackdown with a perky evangelist who has arrived at their doorstep to save their souls. With their comfortable equilibrium threatened by this intruder who denounces the Catholic faith, they enlist the help of parish priest Father Murphy. Murphy is furious once he realizes the sisters' intention that he play devil’s (or God’s) advocate, and eventually the evening comically dissolves into personal confrontation and revelation.

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"Though this is a revival, the script did not always feel fully finished to me...Catholics and Evangelicals may find this debate intriguing and entertaining. But as an outsider to both faiths, I have no skin in the game, and so I found my interest waned. I’d like to be able to say that this play offers a universal exploration of conflicting religions. But it’s a thorough exploration of Catholicism versus Evangelicalism and if you have no investment in either faith, this may not be your cup of... Full Review

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