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The UNFringed Festival 2017

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Long Island City's Secret Theatre presents its fourth annual UnFringed Festival featuring five new full-length productions playing five performances each.

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'A Kreutzer Sonata' by Larry Rinkel - August 9-29: A talented Jewish music student faces the challenges of dealing with a crass but lovable gentile roommate.

'PANIC! ' by Jason Jung - August 10-30: A historical drama which centers on the events surrounding the Earl of Essex Rebellion in February, 1601.

'New Dawn' by Aaron Michael Krueger - August 11-31: A new musical about a high-school football captain whose seemingly perfect life begins to fall apart.

'Afterlife' by Coni Koepfinger - August 12-September 1: 
In a society in which men and women are taught to despise each other, love can be suppressed for only so long. 

'More' by Sarah Elizabeth Grace - August 18-September 2: A three-character play about addiction, centering around Laura, a recovering alcoholic and working actress living with her college sweetheart.

For more information, visit the fest's official website.


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