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The Werewolf of Washington Heights

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1h 30m | Already closed | The Kraine Theater (East Village)

In Carnival Girls new all-female drama, when a teenager vanishes, her family is suddenly forced to face hidden monsters and terrifying truths. More…

'The Werewolf of Washington Heights' features a racially, ethnically. and generationally diverse cast of women in its exploration of the themes of war, immigration, deportation, racism, misogyny, terrorism, civil rights, and civil disobedience.

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"The play constructs a picture of the kind of city and country that most of us hope not to have...Many of these characters reveal new layers over the course of the play...This process of revelation includes characters who appear at first to be mainly comic relief, and the humor should be noted here: despite taking place in a combination surveillance/police state, ‘Werewolf’ is a funny play throughout...The entire cast gives strong performances. " Full Review


"This dark play lingers over a multi-tiered intersection of vulnerable identities and confronts the devastating consequences of an oppressive scenario...Imogene's profound, hysterical soliloquies unveil complicating new layers of each character...The play does satisfy the audience's curiosity with a concrete answer by the end. What was less concrete to me is the question of what the werewolf represents...Much more than a Halloween thriller, hitting chillingly close to home." Full Review

Relevant, Resonant, Confusing, Disappointing, Slow

See it if You don't expect a lot of production value and like seeing plays that may not be quite ready for an audience.

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