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Too Heavy for Your Pocket

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Members say: Great acting, Absorbing, Intelligent, Great writing, Resonant

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Roundabout Underground presents this new drama about a young man in the early '60s who joins the Freedom Riders. More…

Tennessee-born playwright Jiréh Breon Holder takes us back to Nashville in the summer of 1961. The Freedom Riders are embarking on a courageous journey into the Deep South. When 20-year-old Bowzie Brandon gives up a life-changing college scholarship to join the movement, he’ll have to convince his loved ones—and himself—that shaping his country’s future might be worth jeopardizing his own.

Member Reviews (69)


Great acting, Absorbing, Intelligent, Great writing, Resonant

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See it if Beautiful song in Act II & some poignant moments in Act II make you wish the rest of the play was this good.

Don't see it if Most of play is slow, with monologues & amateurish acting. Way too long at 2 hours 15 minutes; would work far better at 90 minutes.

October 5th, 2017
"Stylistically old-fashioned, it feels as familiar and earnest as a pew. And yet its formal conservatism almost seems daring when paired with content that many may find, as I did, illuminating and moving...'Too Heavy' dramatizes questions of class difference within the black community that rarely...
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October 5th, 2017
"Even in the stronger second section of the play, Holder can over-sugar his characters—the domestic quarrels approach soapiness—and Bordelon has the actors perform broadly, which can be startling in a space as small as the Roundabout Underground. But Okafor has a beautiful quality of stern patien...
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October 5th, 2017
"Holder is putting his finger on something powerful, something that Fight for Freedom narratives don’t necessarily get at: Protesting is a privilege...Holder’s prose does occasionally tip toward heavy-handedness. But it’s a credit to Bordelon’s deft touch and to Okafor’s raw power that here the n...
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October 5th, 2017
"The play and this production bristle with ideas that bring fresh news to a familiar tale...Director Margot Bordelon’s sensitive staging honors that intimacy in its no-nonsense, fuss-free simplicity and elegance. Most important is the astonishing caliber of the four actors in these roles, each dr...
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