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Wendell & Pan

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Members say: Confusing, Slow, Clever, Ambitious, Quirky

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A magical dramedy about loneliness, the strange nature of grief, and that moment in your childhood that reverberates with every step you take into the adult world. More…

Life’s hard when you’re 11, your only friend is the ghost of your 12-year-old dead aunt, your sister wishes she could be on the other side of her cellphone, your parents make every room frigid, and your sick grandpa wants you to kill him.

1h 50m | Already closed | The Tank (Midtown W)

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Confusing, Slow, Clever, Ambitious, Quirky

Excruciating, Slow, Poorly written, Poorly acted, Interesting idea

See it if You have the imagination to see what could have been with this interesting idea of a story, though poorly executed. Interesting set design.

Don't see it if Unless you’ve got some serious Peter Pan and death issues you’re trying to work out. You might find a kernel of insight in here somewhere.

Also The best thing about this evening was the set design on a dime which I... Read more Read less

Confusing, Insipid, Quirky, Slow, Banal

See it if You like amateurish plays in claustrophobic spaces where body odor from a member of the cast wafts through the air every time he is on stage

Don't see it if If you’re looking for a finished play that has its act together

Great set design, Magical realism, Ghost story, Family drama, Confusing

See it if You want to support The Tank, one of my favorite NYC theaters. You enjoy magical realism and pieces that feel a bit like fan-fiction.

Don't see it if You dislike plays that may have one too many unbelievable events to be truly relatable. Dislike prose-like dialogue.

Also "It is my belief that Peter Pan is a great and refining and uplifting ... Read more Read less

Confusing, Disappointing, Slow

See it if you support workshop-style productions & encourage emerging artists. I'm neither friend or family & was disappointed by this

Don't see it if black-box theatre, work-in-progress plays waste your time. Super slow, no clear point or plot. Not ready for an audience!

Also Pros: some talented young actresses. Good sound design. ... Read more Read less

During previews
Slow, Insipid

See it if You like early stage productions that attempt to mix ghost stories with magic to tell a story family trials. Enjoy a dramedies

Don't see it if You mind slowness due to having to many subplots and not fully developing the main plot. A Mediocre cast trying to get out wordy dialogue.

Also I don’t think they have stopped working on this play and I don’t think... Read more Read less

January 15th, 2019
“A spirited cast and a talented director do their best to bring playwright Kenney’s heartfelt but leaden ‘Wendell & Pan’ to the stage. It’s an unsatisfying family secrets drama...The mystical revelatory sequence near the end and the protracted coda magnify the previously flawed writing...Realism ...
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January 13th, 2019
"There is an interesting story line in 'Wendell & Pan' but at this stage of its development, the tone is wildly inconsistent. The abrupt shifts from dramatic tension to throwaway comedic one-liners is jarring and undercuts the lurking moodiness which tries to emerge. As directed, the play is also...
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January 16th, 2019
“An inquisitive tale that explores what happens to a family dynamic in the midst of grief...Kenny has the delightful ability to write humor into grief-stricken circumstance...While the portrayal of passive chaos is realistic, it generates a wealth of information to digest and too many opportuniti...
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