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When I Was a Girl I Used to Scream and Shout

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About the show

Fallen Angel Theatre Company presents a comedic memory play that explores the parallel growing pains of a mother and a daughter. More…

Set in 1983, Sharman Macdonald's 'When I Was a Girl' examines the complicated relationship between childless, unmarried Fiona and her crisp, divorced mother Morag. As the two share a Scottish beach holiday, secrets and memories are unearthed. Directed by John Keating.

April 20th, 2016
"While you’ll feel cleansed by the healing conclusion, getting there requires immersion in a churning sea of teenage sexuality, parental expectations and maternal sacrifice…Reversals and reconciliations punctuate Ms. Macdonald’s nonlinear mélange of flinty wit and Scottish idioms, directed with d...
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April 20th, 2016
"Acclaimed when first presented in 1984...the play is less impressive now, because the subject matter has lost its novelty value--but there are other problems as well. For one thing, sexuality is the only thing anyone talks, to the point of near monotony...John Keating's direction could have pick...
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April 18th, 2016
"In 1984, it probably played forcefully as a necessary feminist history play...But that sort of innovation dates quickly...Under John Keating's adequate direction, the performers all do the best they can, and they're able to keep ‘When I Was a Girl’ sufficiently engaging on the surface...If you'r...
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April 21st, 2016
"While the play is now very much a period piece, expressing views little held by women, it very successfully delineates a caustic mother-daughter relationship and is extremely detailed about the problems between them...The play is a time capsule of attitudes and mores from two generations ago...D...
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