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Wine and Spirits

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About the show

Red Shark Productions presents a new dark comedy about loss, family, sex, and secrets. More…

Many years ago, the lives of three sisters—Selina, a married psychologist, Beth, a former party girl turned real estate agent and Kate, a struggling artist—were changed forever. They just didn’t know it. That is until tonight, when a long-kept secret is revealed. Pay attention or you might miss the clues, as Felicia and her three daughters embark on a hysterical and heartwarming journey into their past.

June 10th, 2016
"There’s nothing particularly original about Ott’s script, not in concept or plot device or even dialogue...Albeit endearing and entertaining, I can’t shake the fact that it’s a show I’ve seen many times before in different incarnations...That said, it’s a proven formula. The audience was in stit...
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