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You belong with me because you're so vain (FringeNYC)

Members say: Indulgent, Funny, Fluffy, Cliched, Entertaining

About the show

Part of FringeNYC: An uninspired-Colombian-songwriter must decide between losing his best friend or the love of his life. The reason? The love of his life is his best friend's ex-boyfriend. Who can help? The imaginary versions of Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

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Categories: Comedy, Drama, Local. Written by Heider Tunarrosa.

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"Comes across as a generic romantic comedy about a hopeless romantic looking for love in all the wrong places. Tunarrosa does double duty as both the playwright and the lead actor...Tunarrossa fails to deliver the material with the same gusto as the rest of his cast mates...The best part of 'You Belong With Me Because You're So Vain' is by far the leading ladies...A promising new work that probably just needs a bit more work to realize its complete quirky, romantic potential." Full Review