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Mint Theater Company presents the very belated world premiere of Miles Malleson's 1933 "un-romantic comedy" about life in an open marriage, and the price of free love.

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Stephen and Anne, blissfully happy for eight years, are committed to living up to their ideals. When Stephen, a writer who isn’t writing, begins to sink into a funk of unproductive moodiness, Anne encourages him to seek out a fresh spark. Can their marriage survive uncompromising generosity, sacrifice, and love? 'Yours Unfaithfully' was published in 1933 but never produced...until now.

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Show Showdown

"Malleson starts a little too in media res for my taste...For me, this leaves too many questions unanswered...It's too bad, too, because much of the play is fascinating...It doesn't help that Max von Essen, an actor I usually enjoy, fails to fully inhabit Stephen...The main redeeming feature of the production is Elisabeth Gray's completely believable, subtle, and smart performance as Anne...I guess some of the weak acting must be the fault of director Jonathan Bank." Full Review

NY Theatre Guide

"Director Jonathan Bank has staged this production with great skill and subtlety...The fault lies in the writing...Miles Malleson may have been ahead of his times in tackling the ins and outs of marital infidelity, but he approached the topic with a kind of Shavian high-mindedness that renders the whole thing rather dull and improbable. It is a very talky play, as were George Bernard Shaw’s, but without Shaw’s wit and spark of subversion." Full Review

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Banal, Disappointing, Slow pacing, Good play, bad production, Lightweight acting

See it if you want to see a play that was never produced.

Don't see it if you want to see a well acted and directed play. This is just the opposite. Play feels very long. Acting is amateurish.

Also Why were the British accents dropped? There are references in the scri... Read more Read less

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