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Stars in the Night

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About the show

1h 40m | Ends Oct 14

LA’s popular immersive theater adventure makes its NYC debut. The production takes intimate groups of twelve audience members on a journey to witness the fallout when a woman suddenly goes missing. More…

In this original story performed by nine actors, the ripples of the woman's disappearance illuminate mystifying connections between seeming strangers. "Stars in the Night" is staged throughout four locations – from the iconic 19th century warehouse newly-refurbished as Empire Stores, into secret and unexpected environments and intimate living spaces. The production is presented in special partnership with famed Brooklyn distillery Van Brunt Stillhouse, integrating full-sensory experience into this theatrical adventure.

Please be advised: this show will have you on the move. The audience experience involves standing, walking, and climbing stairs, so comfortable shoes are highly recommended. There is no wheelchair accessibility. This production is strictly for audiences 18 years and over.

The Wrap

"The show seems to blur the lines between traditional theater acting that projects out to the audience and the more subtle demands of cinematic performance where the camera can pick up even the subtlest flickers of emotion as they glance across the face...The earlier scenes are diverting enough, to be sure, as you puzzle out how these characters might connect to each other — but on their own, none come close to delivering the impact of those final scenes." Full Review


"The overarching plot seems simple, yet...the story takes some time to reveal itself and unravel...Some connections are indicated rather subtly. Easily overlooked objects might be as telling as the dialogue, which often favors emotional projection over specifics. While torment tends to come through very clearly, the reasons...can be opaque, and elaborations can be burdened by cliches...The best moments...offer the audience the voyeuristic opportunity to...see into lives that aren't their own.” Full Review

New York Theater

"Although billed as 'an intimate immersive production,' what 'Stars in the Night' actually offers, at its best, is the exact opposite — a spectacular public setting...Unfortunately, most of the show’s characters, portrayed by eight members of the Los Angeles-based company Firelight Collective, are not much more developed during the show than those passersby. The story they act out is vague, arty, clichéd, and confusing." Full Review


“Feury and Keyes seem to have set out to create a cast of characters whose connection is slowly revealed by the end...They also seem to have bitten off more that they could chew in this endeavor, with only the latter third of the play feeling fully developed. Their lackadaisical direction hasn't helped matters, with most of the performers appearing overwhelmed by the task of leading the audience down DUMBO's cobbled streets while delivering their head-scratching lines." Full Review


for a previous production "Not only an achingly sublime meditation on how we let our regrets define us, but also a bold statement of the kind of stunning work the Firelight Collective is capable of...There is nowhere for an actor to hide as even a whiff of artificiality...Happily, the entire cast rises to this challenge and thrives in their respective roles...A melancholy work of art that inspires you to reflect on your own life and possibly inform the way you live it. I can think of no higher praise." Full Review

No Proscenium

for a previous production "It felt as if we were being given pieces of a puzzle that would be resolved by the end of the night...The second half of 'Stars in the Night,' all on its own, is an engrossing piece of site-responsive theatre...What we don’t get is any narrative resolution to the tales of the characters we first met. With the second act being so strong, it somewhat begs the question of what the initial processional is doing there in the first place...It really can’t be overstated how good that second act is." Full Review

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Absorbing, Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Confusing, Disappointing

See it if you want to explore an immersive-lite dark family drama piece, exploring some great DUMBO locations, there's a lot to think about afterward

Don't see it if you dislike non-traditional work or want a story that is fully fleshed out and easy to follow. Must be able to walk around.

Also Glad to have more immersive work here in NYC, but this felt like only ... Read more Read less

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