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This new Broadway musical comedy centers around four fading stars, whose desperate need of a new stage leads them to protest a small-town prom. Directed by Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw ('Book of Mormon.')

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When these theater relics hear that trouble is brewing around a small-town Indiana prom—and the press is involved—they know that it’s time to put a spotlight on the issue…and themselves. The town’s parents want to keep the dance on the straight and narrow—but when one student just wants to bring her girlfriend to prom, the entire town has a date with destiny. Now, Broadway’s brassiest are coming to join the fight and they are ready to kick-ball-change the world.

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for a previous production “A happy merging of disparate worlds…a loopy, loving and joyous musical…Martin co-scripted this very funny, tenderhearted show with Beguelin, once again tapping into the power of positive showtunes...A crackerjack cast that mixes outrageous ham with schmaltz…The proceedings are propelled by Nicholaw’s energetic and witty dances, plus a pleasing score by Matthew Sklar that refresh showtune templates…Transformation is the emotional thread deftly woven throughout.” Full Review

Atlanta INtown

for a previous production "The combination of the actors and the high school kids is really stretching the 'willing suspension of disbelief'...If this show makes it to Broadway, it will be because of its big heart and its great dancing and catchy music and lyrics...I loved it myself, despite my reservations about the creaky plot. In these days of hyper-negativity and political strife, we need some fun—and 'The Prom' gives it to us in spades..The good heart is ultimately going to win you over." Full Review

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

for a previous production "Part public service announcement ('Let the gay kids dance!') and part valentine to the outrageous egos of the Great White Way. A crowd-pleasing spectacle with a well-intentioned message...'The Prom' is delightful good fun...The problem is, the tale that purports to be about Emma and her girlfriend Alyssa is pretty much bulldozed by the antics of the uninvited New Yorkers...'The Prom' may need a bit of a tweak before it lands on Broadway. But, for the most part, it’s good to go." Full Review


for a previous production "It ends up lurching in a surprising, though not entirely unsatisfactory, direction, offering a satiric look at Broadway, the cult of celebrity, and all the attendant excesses. Along the way, the show cooks up a passable number of colorful scenes and fun numbers...But overall the show ends up feeling too crowded and unfocused...Somehow all that singing and dancing never coalesce into something that truly hits us in an intensely personal place." Full Review

See: Critics' Reviews | Members' Reviews

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